Kuler RIA -> Desktop via Dashboard

The folks behind kuler, Adobe’s color-centric rich internet app, are a quietly busy bunch.  Tonight they’ve posted a widget for OS X’s Dashboard (download — 200kb; screenshot).  According to kuler community PM Sami Iwata,
the widget "displays RSS feeds of color themes from kuler… Browse the newest, highest rated, and most popular color themes; search for themes on the kuler site by tag, title, or creator ID; copy hex values from any theme to your clipboard."

Knowing this group, they’ll keep cranking out good stuff.  In the meantime, if you have feedback on the widget, please let the team know via the kuler user forum.

0 thoughts on “Kuler RIA -> Desktop via Dashboard

  1. Can the Kuler team do a Flash version so we can get it inside PS CS3, as you posted 12.23.06?
    [Kuler is done as a SWF (via Flash/Flex), so it can already run inside CS3. We just haven’t gotten as far as providing that kind of integration, but it’s a great suggestion (and one I’ve made on a few occasions). –J.]

  2. So, why DO the CS apps all have different color-selection interfaces? Seems an obvious area for standardization…
    [Things are more consistent than they used to be, but there’s more we’d like to do. Unfortunately Rome wasn’t built in a day… –J.]

  3. That Kuler-Widget and the Widget-AIR-Application isn’t working anymore, because of that Adobe Creative Cloud shit.

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