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  1. Gah, almost as disturbing as http://www.lifegem.com/, they are making diamonds of your “beloved ones”. Juk!
    [Bah–but I suppose it’s no worse than those people who embalm themselves *while still alive*. Just walking through LAX yesterday gave me the creeps. –J. (who will be using the interjection “Juk” with gusto from this point onwards]

  2. Hey John,
    I’ve just seen the news about you comming to Brazil for the Photoshop Conference. That is great! I hope I’ll get to be there so we can talk a little and get to know!

  3. I heard about those pencils, and they reminded me of another macabre artist’s supply: caput mortuum, a pigment found in oil paintings from the 1600s to the late 19th Century. It was made from ground-up mummy (OK, “mummy wrappings”, but still…)! Nowadays they use iron oxide or hematite to get the approximate color, I assume to the Egyptologist’s great relief.
    [Nice! At least they weren’t burning the mummies.]
    I may have to update my will with “Please don’t make me into pencils, or let Keith Richards anywhere near me“…
    [I hear that… –J.]

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