Bridge CS3 update (2.1) adds features, fixes

Adobe Bridge CS3 has been updated to version 2.1 (download for Mac | Win) .  In addition to squashing late-breaking bugs, this release includes a number of enhancements (quoting from the Read Me):

Multilevel Keywords

Organized your keywords into groups and subgroups as deep a hierarchy as you want by using the multilevel support in the keywords panel. Bridge now includes keyboard shortcuts for applying single keywords or parent keywords. Advanced options allow for storing hierarchy into the file metadata. Easily import and export keywords using tab-delimited file formats.

Improved Cache Management

Control the size of the Bridge cache of thumbnail and metadata information to better improve responsiveness. The cache can also be compacted to improve performance.

General Improvements

  • Preference control over video and audio file previews
  • Improved scrolling and renaming performance
  • Usability improvements to custom workspaces
  • Improved overall stability

These updates can be found via the Help > Updates menu from within Photoshop and other CS3 apps.  The automatic update system has been serving up a record load (seven different updates this week), so you may want to try using the Web links above if you hit any snags.

0 thoughts on “Bridge CS3 update (2.1) adds features, fixes

  1. Can somebody please work on layout of the documents view (when thumbnails are turned onin bridge, spacing and such needs serious help, it currently looks very cluttered. Have those xd guys have a look at it πŸ™‚
    [Who do you think came up with what we’ve got other than Wade (XD) & Co.? I’ll talk to people about improving it. –J.]

  2. John,
    Though technically not solely within your purview, can you comment on why CS3 inexcusably disables client Firewalls and changes TCP access numbers without notifying the user in OS X upon installation. This is simply, pick your euphemism, unprincipled. Does an installation of PS CS3 do the same?, among other sites, has written about his recently.
    Thank you in advance,
    [John, I’m looking for more info on this subject myself. Sorry that I don’t have more to share at the moment. –J.]

  3. [This is for your help section on Adobe products]
    A high five to the Help doc team for the redone help in CS3 (I just installed the ID Demo, because am still waiting for the full version. πŸ™ ). For me, the first thing I do after install is look at Help to see how well its done, for thats the first thing in how to fulfill your door quote; next is how well done the tool gui. And as a visually limited person, to increase font size with ease is soooo nice! More over the weekend… πŸ˜‰
    [Cool–glad to hear it. –J.]

  4. I was starting to get frustrated with Bridge, and started to use my bridge from CS2 instead until this update. This smoothed out the system substantially. I am finding the batch rename in bridge is much more fun and easier than lightroom. I don’t know who that is for but lightroom doesn’t think like I do. PS3 thinks like me. It comes naturally to me while lightroom is like pulling teeth. Otherwise John this is the best thing since white bread. I want to come down and meet with all of you this fall someplace. I need to get into your heads, especially that pirate guy.
    [Heh heh–cool! Thanks for the feedback. –J.]

  5. This is for CS3 Bridge (and thanks for the upate). I gave a pat, now a spat. You got to be kidding on the scrollbar size! Can we say, you must have a nimble mouse to use them; so whatever happened to normal size scrollbars? And for seeing the slim suckers is making me do way too much work for my overworked eyes. A gui should not have to be based on a user having 20/20 vision….um, how about an option to have touchable, findable scrollbars, please. πŸ˜‰

  6. Bridge (and version cue) keep on getting better. Thanks!
    [Cool; glad to hear it. –J.]
    What I miss most of all with Bridge CS3 is the status icons that were in Bridge CS2. There’s no easy way to see what is checked out but myself and others anymore.
    [I’ll pass along that feedback and ask whether there’s an easy alternative now. –J.]

  7. Any idea why a print function isn’t included in Bridge? After running my photos through Camera Raw in Bridge, launching a set of 30 or 40 photos into Photoshop just to print seems counter-intuitive.
    [We ran out of time, and unfortunately printing is a can of worms. Someone using Bridge with Illustrator might reasonably expect Bridge to do as good a job printing AI files as AI itself does; same goes for InDesign and all the other apps Bridge supports. That’s not a trivial effort. –J.]

  8. “easily import & export keywords” … but how? I’m trying to import keywords from CS2 bridge to CS3.

  9. Seriously! the “easily import & export keywords” would be great if I could figure out how. Please, please tell us!
    I am working on CS3 Bridge.
    [Let me see what I can find out & post. –J.]

  10. I’m also having trouble exporting keywords. For now, I’m using my old system — attach all keywords I’d like to export to an image then open that image in another copy of Browser.

  11. Printing in the manner of each CS3 app is one thing but to refrain from including even the basic Mac/Windows print function is just lazy.
    [Yes, that’s us: lazy, lazy. That’s really the only explanation for not getting every possible feature *yesterday*. –J.]
    I agree that having to launch another app just to print images is slow and counter-intuituve. I expect more from Adobe.

  12. I have a new setup: vista 32 bit raid setup with an extra imternal 500gb dedicated iram HD to run CS3 solely. I have dedicated 70% of this drive as the scratch disk for CS3. Problem is bridge is quitting all the time and coming up with an error message thatsays “bridge has encountered a problem and has to close” Please shed some light somone! Is there a way to dedicate memory sperately to bridge as I think this is the problem?
    Cheers Haley
    [I don’t know the answer, but I’ve forwarded your report to Bridge QE for review and input. –J.]

  13. I have been trying to find out if there is a way to run two instances of the Bridge CS3 application (or two “unsynchronized” content windows) at the same time. I have not had any luck getting this information. Can you help?
    [Sorry, I’m not sure I follow you. There’s no way (AFAIK) to run two copies of the Bridge process, but you can hit Cmd-N/Ctrl-N to make as many new windows as you’d like. –J.]

  14. I too am having trouble with cs3 bridge quitting all the time and now i can’t even get it to come up from photoshop cs3-am using Vista home premium (which i hate)

  15. Two-parter: Myself and a coworker have been using Bridge CS2 for about a year now, and when we came in this past Monday, we are somehow both equipped with version CS3 version I can still load up CS2, and CS3 doesn’t show up in Window’s Add/Remove Programs manager. Did Adobe just send out a free upgrade for Bridge CS2, or are we just unobservant?
    Second Bridge question – when I drag and drop a file in my folder system, the thumbnail doesn’t leave the folder I’m in until I leave that folder and come back. I’ve actually noticed a few such bugs where it doesn’t seem like the graphic interface is keeping up with my activities. Any fix for this little glitch?

  16. I’m having the same problem several people noted above but I can’t find the solution anywhere. I have hundreds of keywords & numerous metadata templates in Bridge which don’t show up in Bridge CS3. How do you import them? Please HELP!

  17. I have run out of memory – Adobe Bridge CS3 tells me – so it is refusing to covert my Raw files. I assume I have used up all the cache allocated, but don’t want to purge the current folders. I once increased the cache allocated to 2 GB but have never emptied it, as often revisit older wedding files, but can’t figure out how to increase it again or how to selectively purge it! Any ideas?
    xx Elaine

  18. After I make my camera raw adjustments, I’m not seeing them update in Bridge CS3 like they use to in CS2. I’ve toggled through the preferences, but didn’t see anything. Any suggestions?
    [Does choosing Tools->Cache->Purge Cache… help?
    Otherwise try making sure that you’ve installed the plug-in into the correct spot:
    Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS2/File Formats/…
    Win: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS2\File Formats\… –J.]

  19. I tried choosing Tools->Cache->Purge Cache and the plug-in is in the correct folder. Still the previews won’t update for me in Bridge CS3. I can’t go back to Bridge CS2 since the camera I’m using isn’t supported by CS2.

  20. Hello John,
    Thanks for passing my inquiry on. I deleted my cache folder in my Library, but still no improvement. This is very strange. I’ve tried all sorts of little tricks to get the thumbnails to show updates. When opened using ACR the adjustments are showing, but not in Bridge CS3.
    I’m experiencing the same problems with my copy of CS3 loaded onto my laptop. Could it be that I have a bad copy of Bridge? Would a reinstall work? – hope I don’t have to do that.

  21. I downloaded the latest ACR update for the Nikon D3. The images open fine in the Raw converter, but I can’t see the thumbnails in bridge.

  22. After opening ACR and using it for a couple of days the “thumbnail images” appeared. Hmm. strange. Oh well all is fine now.

  23. Loving Bridge CS3, however, STATUS of documents is not readily available. Any clue as to why the document status was moved to the Inspector and not directly in the Content window?? Another great feature would be to select checked out files, like you can in Dreamweaver.

  24. Hi, in bridge CS2 when checking the parent keyword box the subkeywords were also included. Now in CS3 it’s the total opposite. I can only click the subkeywords one by one and choose whether to include the parent keyword or not. Is there a way to have it like in cs2? Where is the sense behind this modification??

  25. Would love it you could print a complete list with all the metatdata that you are viewing in bridge.
    This would be a great way to quickly generate a library list of a folder.
    [This script may give you want you need. It sucks out metadata into a CSV file, suitable for opening in Excel and similar apps. –J.]

  26. hello, I am getting the error message ‘error 2 Photoshop 10 is undefined’ when I launch bridge CS3 from the browse menu of Photoshop CS3.
    Do you know of a solution?

  27. it would be great to add print feature to print out the thumnails or list of contents in a folder

  28. I am having problems with my workflow using Lightroom and Bridge. I figured out how to link Lightroom and Bridge so any changes will be reflected. But when I notice Bridge has been updated to reflect Lightroom, I don’t get the same changes/adjustments on my actual harddrive files. Do you know how to get the actual harddrive files to reflect changes in Bridge?

  29. I have a similar question to the above post. Why don’t the changes I make to photos in lightroom 2.0 affect my previews in Bridge?
    [Hit Cmd-S/Ctrl-S to save your settings back to the files. Unlike Bridge, LR doesn’t write metadata to files immediately; rather, it does so on request. (You can also change the pref to write the data back to files automatically.) –J.]

  30. I am having a lot of problems with Bridge CS3 on my intel Mac Pro – Leopard. Thumbnails are not displaying in the content pane at all and Bridge frequently crashes when I try to close it. Previously the thumbnails were displaying well. I have tried everything from purging cache to resetting prefs, Today, I downloaded the latest version update, however, there has been no improvement.

  31. I have the problem Adobe Bridge has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    report exception info code has many 0xc….
    System info wimdows NT 5.1 build 2600 etc
    Module 1 Bridge.exe
    I have no idea what this means salution please

  32. I just migrated to Vista 32 (from XP). Bridge CS3 (updated) will not work properly: runs slow and won’t show image preview, ever! Instead, the preview pane shows some garbage, like a frozen application.

  33. About printing from bridge – Since PDF is the common denominator between all the Adobe apps, can we just borrow Acrobat’s print engine to allow Bridge to print pdf files? Just to get a quick 8.5×11 hard copy of a file. If I want a quality proof with more options, I can always open the original file in it’s native application.
    [This is exactly what we’ve enabled in Bridge CS4. Here’s a demo. –J.]

  34. When I batch name in Bridge , the clock hand does not move. So the batch name is sticking and after a while of doing this on one computer it corrupted the image files every time

  35. hey, does anyone knoe how to get a new Setup.exe file for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended? i have everything, but for some reason my setup.exe file is not working. is there a way to maybe download a new setup file?

  36. I have recently encountered an issue when trying to download photos from either of my digital cameras. I am getting the error “unable to download photos” due to there not being enough battery power on my camera. I have changed the batteries and am using a strong battery on my Canon Rebel XT. What can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you!

  37. I have been having a terrible time with Bridge lately. For no apparent reason the Preview tab does not function correctly and Bridge in general is slower than before. I’ve checked all my updates and I just recent reinstalled PS CS3 completely. Any clue as to what else I could check?

  38. When closing Bridge CS3 the following message appears : “An error occurred in a Bridge extension. Javascript error (EventHandler:2976): undefined is not an object” I removed the cache and preference files but it still shows . Can anyone help me to solve this problem ?
    Thank you.

  39. Hello Hendrieke,
    I have the same issue as you with Bridge and EventHandler 2976.
    I don’t find any help on the net? Have you solved this issue ?

  40. Hi, I really would love if there were a solution to this.I am having to keyword quite a fair deal of images and using Bridge CS4 for it. One problem. when I am on the Keywords panel selecting the appropriate keywords for each image, I would like for the font used in the keywords list to be bigger as, dealing with a relatively high number of both keywords and images, after a while this process becomes truly painful to the eyes as the font available I find is too small.
    Thanks for your help.

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