Weekend photography

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  1. This is all good and well. But, most of it has been available online from other sources. Where’s the Adobe content? That’s what we need!
    [A lot of people seem to enjoy the links and request more of them. Like me, they draw inspiration from the creative work others are doing. If you don’t find the links interesting, please skip them. (I don’t know why I tend to fixate on comments like this, forgetting about the positive ones.) –J.]

  2. I totally disagree with mr. Lee. I’m one of those who really appreciate your links. We can find Adobe content all over the internet. It’s far more interesting how to use Adobe software than how to find out how it works.
    p.s The photographs of Mr. Toledano were very inspirational indeed. So thank you John.
    [Thanks, Rudi; encouragement is much appreciated. 🙂 –J.]

  3. Yea keep ’em comin’ John! I agree with Rudi & others – enjoy the posts. I think often times we lose the the “photo” in photography. For those looking for just adobe stuff http://www.adobe.com seems to have lots.

  4. Re the CNET concept art comment, the Munkacsi you refer to is Martin Munkacsi not Joan Munkacsi. Joan was his daughter. She passed away on December 24. Thanks.
    [Thanks for the info, Lester; will update. –J.]

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