CS3 news: "Summer of Adobe" & more

Here’s a quick round-up of good Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom-related info I’ve seen lately:

  • Photographer & author Martin Evening has shared a wealth of content from his new book, Photoshop CS3 for Photographers.
  • Dingbat Magazine offers a deep dive across the whole CS3 line in their Summer of Adobe feature.
  • Ben Long talks about a subtle, but useful, new feature of Bridge CS3: the ability to create and edit metadata templates easily, then apply these to your images.
  • Dave Story and Kevin Connor, the guys who head up Photoshop engineering and product management respectively (and thus who cut my checks), sat down with Derrick Story to talk about Photoshop & Lightroom development in a pair of podcasts.
  • The folks at Total Training have been making great video content for years.  They’re now moving their library online.
  • To streamline your photo importing, check out Julieanne Kost’s video on how to optimize the process using Lightroom.

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