War, illustrated

  • "Machine gunner turned author" Colby Buzzell has recorded his Iraq war experiences on his blog and elsewhere.  He’s now teamed up with illustrator Christopher Koelle and animators The Law of the Few to produce Men in Black–four and a half gripping minutes of storytelling. [Via]
  • Christopher shares his thoughts & the Photoshop techniques behind the work on his blog.
  • In a related vein, Canadian trooper Richard Johnson’s Kandahar Journal offers an illustrated, soldier’s-eye-view from Afghanistan. [Via]

Side note: I type this from the Denver airport, where I find myself holed up (thanks, lightning).  After showing a CNN ad saying "Get the Facts. Not Fear," CNN Headline News just featured a segment titled–I kid you not–"Watch for underwater terrorists."  I shall, uh, get right on that.  (Apparently Atlanta is where irony goes to die.)

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