Photoshop Guru Awards: Call for entries

If you’re attending next month’s Photoshop World in Las Vegas, and if you’ve been kicking out the jams in PS, round up three of your best pieces and enter the Photoshop World Guru Awards –but hustle, as the deadline is Wednesday at midnight.  Categories include Artistic, Photography, Photo Restoration, Commercial, Photo Montage, Photo Retouching, and Illustration. [Via]

Speaking of Photoshop World, the crew has added five sessions on Photoshop Extended. The "Extended Special Interest Track will teach scientists, medical practitioners, data analysts, engineers, researchers, and other technical professionals to advance scientific knowledge and find treatments for medical conditions."  In addition, Adobe will be hosting a Birds of a Feather workshop specifically for professionals interested in using CS3 Extended for engineering, architecture, construction, and mechanical design.

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