Imaging heavy hitters join Adobe

A number of rock stars from the world of image science have recently joined Adobe:

Adobe Senior Principal Scientist David Salesin, who manages this crew, notes that "If you count their SIGGRAPH papers as well, you’ll see that current Adobe employees had 11 of the 108 papers in the conference."

Now, let me inject a disclaimer:  Just because a particular researcher has worked on a particular technology in his or her past life, it’s not possible to conclude that a specific feature will show up in a particular Adobe product.  How’s that for non-commital? ;-)  In any case, it’s just exciting that so many smart folks are joining the team (more brains to hijack!).

[Update: Cambridge, MA-based Xconomy provides additional context for this news.]

0 thoughts on “Imaging heavy hitters join Adobe

  1. hmm… one has to wonder if Adobe plans to push further into the forensics world. I would love to see Photoshop driving electron and optical microscopy applications. Lord knows those fields need a shot in the arm.

  2. Re: Scott Valentine’s comment…. John, you see what I am talking about? There have been a couple of 800lb gorillas in the scientific imaging world that have prevented lots of innovation from happening in a number of areas over the last few years. Deconvolution? Please, that is so 1997…

  3. And yet, deconvolution still doesn’t have a good solution…
    Mr. Jones — I hear ya. But since the Photoshop team doesn’t spend most of it’s time working with microscopes, they could use some external advice on what features are necessary to support folks that do.

  4. I think Sylvain owes me a beer. I remember telling you guys to ‘buy these people’ when I first saw the tonemap papers! Wonderful, lets get that into CS4 please 🙂
    [Heh–I’ll pass that along. –J.]

  5. I think Adobe will offload most of the work to its Delhi backoffice…Adobe has to generate revenues for its stockholder, cool research is good, but if it does not enter the product line sooner than later, the whole group will face what most top corporate research lab faces..Till then, these guys can enjoy the honeymoon in Newton

  6. I think that just because one person has had a famous project that people have talked about in the past doesn’t mean that this will be mirrored in their later work. Is it possible that they are trying to move in other directions?

  7. I think they will offload all that they can. I mean there bottom line is to make money and if they can do that off loading, I am sure they will be more then willing.

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