Adobe announces Universal Binary PS Elements 6

I’m on the road this week and hence a little slow on the draw, but I’m delighted to see that Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac, due to ship in the second quarter of the year.  More details are on the new features page, as well as in the press release.

One key detail that’s not clearly mentioned is that yes, Photoshop Elements 6 runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs (i.e. it’s a Universal Binary); same goes for the version of Adobe Bridge that ships with Elements.  I’ll see whether we can clarify the product pages.

[Update: Macworld has posted a First Look at the new application.  Lesa Snider King writes, "All in all, it looks like Adobe has hit the mark of making photo editing easier than ever. Elements 6.0 seems to be the perfect ‘next step’ choice for anyone wanting to do more with their photos, while giving them plenty of room to grow. [Via Meredith Mills]]

0 thoughts on “Adobe announces Universal Binary PS Elements 6

  1. I’ll be buying the new release, since it fixes the problem of the existing version not working under 10.5, but I do have one question about it: Does it include “masking” from Photoshop, yet? That’s the one feature I really miss in Elements.
    Thanks for a good and informative blog, John!

  2. Can anyone tell me if PSE6 for mac has:-
    1 rulers and guides
    2 customizable brushes
    3 customizable gradients
    4 drop shadow, inner shadow, etc
    5 re-select a selection function
    Many thanks all!

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