Flickr phlows, Photo Friday

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  1. Hi John – Neil from photophlow here. Sorry, our UI isn’t Flash. Most people assume it is when they see it, but it’s 100% HTML/CSS/Javascript. I couldn’t code a Flash UI to save my life 😉
    We do have an optional Flash component for network communications and sounds, but the application works without it.
    Here’s a screencast of photophlow in action.
    [Thanks for the info, Neil. –J.]

  2. Nat Geographic comps are simply ways of getting images to fill up magazine without paying contributors.
    They’ve gone way downhill in my estimation as a result.
    Someone on Luminous Landscape was recently saying he’d got published for no reward, sadly not realising that he was being exploited.

  3. Yeah, the Quicktake was cool. We actually used one for print work at the publishing company I worked at. Don’t ask me how. Lots of Photoshop work if I recall. We decided to upgrade and I demoed this camera in our photo studio: .
    This thing looked like something you’d see on Batman’s utility belt!
    [Damn–sign me up for one of those bad boys! I wonder why the vendors seemed to decide back then that traditional concepts of camera ergonomics should go out the window just because the capture medium had changed. –J.]

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