Casio spitfire cranks out 1,200fps, does DNG

If the minigun-wielding Jesse the Body character from Predator bought a digital camera, he might well choose the Casio EX-F1. According to Macworld, "Casio will put on sale in March a digital still camera capable of shooting up to 60 full-resolution images in one second, and video at more than 1,000 per second to realize a super slow-motion effect." Engadget’s got some more details and video captured by the cam.  Lightroom/Camera Raw PM Tom Hogarty notes that the EX-F1 uses the open DNG format to store its raw captures.

Speaking of DNG, author/photographer Ben Long has released his Convert Raw to DNG Automator Action, enabling easy conversion to DNG via AppleScript.  Solid.

For more memory-crushing camera goodness, see previous.

3 thoughts on “Casio spitfire cranks out 1,200fps, does DNG

  1. Very good that high speed camera. Because many of us can´t afford to spend large quantity of money for another type of high speed cameras. And it´s very usefull for many application like an action panorama. (gym, etc, etc). We have to wait an see which quality has it got, but it looks great.
    Thanks john

  2. By 2010, camcorder == camera. By then the static ram drives should be at a price point that a prosumer pixel gatling gun can swallow. Clearly, the sensors are already fast enough.
    So how many images will the sports photographer have to swim through after a shoot in 2010 or even in a few months with one of these casio cameras?

  3. This is truly the next camera I want to purchase. Can’t argue with the price either. Absolutely gob-smacking amazing technology that I can’t wait to have some fun with.

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