Noise Ninja for Lightroom; LR2 videos and news

Fernando Z.* at Picture Code writes, “I just released version 2.1.2 of the Noise Ninja
application, and this release features support for
sending multiple photos at a time from Lightroom 2 to Noise Ninja. I’ve
also just added a new video to our FAQ that shows how to take advantage
of this new build and Lightroom 2’s enhanced External Editor support.” [Via Tom Hogarty]


  • “To celebrate the launch of LR2,” writes John Arnold, “I’ll be doing one tip per day for at least a week – probably 2 weeks.”  You can check out John’s set of videos to date on  (I’m looking forward to checking out the entries covering graduated filters.)

  • The Adobe Design Center has posted Getting Started with Lightroom 2.  In it Matt Kloskowski of NAPP offers a sequential set of 15 videos that take a brand new LR user through the basics of what Lightroom does and how to get started using it, while Adobe’s Julieanne Kost has posted a set of 3 videos that go over all that’s changed in LR2 (“Think of it as a Getting Started for upgrade users,” she writes). [Via Luanne Seymour]

  • Syl Arena provides detailed info on The Benefits of Shooting Tethered Into Lightroom.


* I suspect I’d be much cooler if named “Fernando Z.,” and I just may have to appropriate that handle (sorry, actual Fernando Z).

0 thoughts on “Noise Ninja for Lightroom; LR2 videos and news

  1. John: Having seen the great improvements in LR2, but being an old Photoshop user, I haven’t previously been using LR. Now I’m beginning to feel a little like the poor cousin–with ACR lagging way back. Can you say if ACR will be keeping up lockstep with the Develop Module potential of LR2?
    [Yes, the plan is to offer the same editing features in ACR and LR. You can already display LR2 edits in ACR4 (in CS3). –J.]

  2. Hello Jack,
    Nice post on Lightroom 2.0 I upgraded to this, but have not used it much.
    I did a shoot today in raw. Nikon D300 17-55mm 2.8 Nikor prime lens. I have to say, with the new raw update for CS3, I am getting some nice “stuff” without Lightroom 2.0 Granted I am a tech juckie, so I had to have it……
    By the way, I found this nice gizmo app to load on you ipod or ipod phone. Its available at
    PhotoCalc is a utility for iPhone and iPod for photographers to calculate depth of field (DoF), exposure reciprocation, and flash exposure.
    It was 3 bucks, and wow, its a pretty cool app.
    I have no “dog in the hunt” with this company, so for what that’s worth.
    Check it out…
    Kind regards as always,
    Ken from KY

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