24 thoughts on “Real-world Photoshop

  1. Wow! is there an high-res PDF somewhere? is this part of an advertisement campaign?
    [Great questions, but I have no info beyond the link. Maybe someone who knows more can chime in. –J.]

  2. Are you guys serious at adobe???…
    it uld b emore interersting if some physics could be incorporated into it..

  3. That has style!
    I wish for Photoshop CS5, that it would look like this.
    It’s really cool!
    [Hey, well, with Flash panels and Configurator… 😉 –J.]

  4. Hey guys
    that picture of “real world photoshop” is not even close to a new idea.. fractal design, the creators of Painter now owned by Corel had a version of painter that looked almost identical to that and its still out there.
    Not original I am afraid.. it was done for windows 98 as I recall and I still have the install disk for it here.
    Sorry to put a wrench in all of this

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