Photographic Miscellaney

  • Photographer Filip Dujardin challenges the viewer with some bizarre buildings, “combin[ing] photographs of parts of buildings into new, fictional, architectonic structures.” [Via]
  • Photojojo offers up the very cool bottle cap tripod for $10. (On a somewhat related note, David Pogue points out “It turns out that the threads at the top of just about any lamp–the place where the lampshade screws on–are precisely the same diameter as a tripod mount! In a pinch, you can whip off the lampshade, screw on the camera, and presto: You’ve got a rock-steady indoor tripod.”) They also offer a rather nifty doodle frame.

One thought on “Photographic Miscellaney

  1. The thread pitch on top of a standard lamp harp is 1/4-27. The thread pitch on the bottom of most cameras is 1/4-20. I’m sure “close” works — just depends on how much you invested in the camera.

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