4 thoughts on “Cut&Paste competitions underway, in SF tomorrow

  1. I downloaded and used the Adobe DNG converter as suggested. I had hoped it was a plugin for Adobe Bridge CS3 which would work. It doesn’t appear though.
    I bought Adobe CS3 Extended recently and with current economic situations, I can’t afford to buy CS4 now.
    It seems, Adobe ACR version (final version for CS3) doesn’t convert Canon 5D Mark ii raw files for processing in Adobe CS3 Bridge. You need the free Adobe DNG converter (Digital Negative) to make Canon Mark ii files compatible. It’s a additional step in the workflow.
    [Yes, it is, but that’s how things work. –J.]
    Please help us.

  2. I realize this is the wrong place to ask this, but I’ve scoured the web and the Adobe support forums, and I can’t find any information
    I’m trying to copy and paste a feathered selection from Photoshop CS4 to iWeb 09, but the selection always pastes with the transparency “dissolved” — that is, it’s as if the paste is not 24-bits with an 8-bit alpha, but rather 8-bits total, like a transparent gif. Any idea how to get this to work? Or is copy and paste to any non Adobe app just not happening? I know I can save out the selection as a PNG and drag that into iWeb, but copy and paste would be so much quicker and simpler, so if there’s a way to get it to work, I’d be stoked.
    For the record, Pixelmator — written by one dude all by himself with no help — can do it. Feathered selections copy and paste perfectly. I’d like this to work with Photoshop, though.
    Any insights or suggestions you might have would be great. I’d even appreciate being told that it simply doesn’t work, so that I’ll know to stop trying.
    [Sorry, I don’t know of a way to make it work, though I’ll ask. –J.]

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