Friday Illin': Edgiest quilts ever & more

  • Quiltsrÿche promises to let you “bark at the moon in the coziness of a hard-rocking, handcrafted heirloom.”
  • MoMA’s The Printed Picture is “an exhibition of physical specimens made using all the different ways that type and image can be printed on paper, metal, glass, etc, with a special emphasis on dozens of photography techniques, from albumen prints to dagguereotypes to color photography.” [Via]
  • I like the ghostly simplicity of Levi van Veluw’s ‘Light’ Portraits. (To spare you any suspense, nothing really happens in the videos.)
  • You can view now extremely high-res presentations of famous artwork, courtesy of Google Earth.
  • These brand-name ripoffs seem like dyslexic Photoshop jobs, but they’re apparently real. [Via]

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