Photoshop PM baby boom continues

We’re delighted to learn that young Gareth David Clark Graham, the 2.0 launch from our fellow product mgr. Pam Clark & husband Greer, has come into the world. The little hombre is 8 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches, and quite sleepy, but everyone is doing great. Congrats, guys! Now it’s up to Margot & me to round out the explosion in July (Project “El Segundo” remains on track), bringing the total to six MicroPMs in sixteen months (!). (No word yet on whether the babies will join together to form one large, Suite-steering megachild.)

2 thoughts on “Photoshop PM baby boom continues

  1. What are they feeding you guys in the Adobe lunch room!!
    Congrats to all-
    [Clearly we’re working on some sort of new replicator technology… –J.]

  2. Well, it’s clear what extended exposure to PS will do. I’ve this morning uninstalled PS, as well as all my other Adobe products, just for good measure. I’ve taken all diskettes, inserts, and manuals and buried them in the backyard. Finally, just in case the uninstall didn’t run completely, I’ve told my wife to stay away from my computer.
    [It’s too late: you’re going Tribble, baby. 🙂 –J.]
    But congrats to all anyway!

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