Business card excellence (and horror)

6 thoughts on “Business card excellence (and horror)

  1. Back in the 80s, I had a studio in LA next to a famous letterpress printer. He showed me his work, pretty amazing stuff. I asked how much it cost, he said $1 per impression. One of the cards was 5 spot colors, so they cost $5 each. I told him you could probably make a bigger impression by writing your info on a five dollar bill. He didn’t see the humor in that remark.. ha.
    Coincidentally, a few weeks later, I met the guy who had the $5 cards and he gave me one. I decided to mess with him a bit, so I pocketed it without taking much notice. He was crestfallen.

  2. Just curious, has anyone ever seen a study that connects such lovely business cards with more actual business? Do not get me wrong, making a cool business card can be a reward in itself, but I also would like to see if it leads to gaining or retaining customers.

  3. Joel Bauer is hilarious. The video on his homepage looks like he’s holding the camera himself, up close with a wide angle lens. If not he obviously can’t afford to pay a video guy who owns a tripod or has a clue.
    Then he’s so sure of himself he won’t let you see any video of him doing what he claims he’s the best at… ie public speaking, until you give him all your details.
    He ‘may’ have a clue offline (although it doesn’t look that way) but online he has no idea what he’s doing.

  4. Like Mr. Glasser up there, i’d also be interested in a study about how much business card design really affects conversion rates. That would be awesome. Designers can you the results to create the perfect business card 🙂

  5. Great links. Meat business cards may look awesome but i don’t think they’re be really practical. The other cards are great though.

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