Jon Stewart on Photoshop

Regarding the low-level fly-over of NYC by an Air Force One 747 trailed by fighter jets–an act that inadvertently terrorized New Yorkers:

“Hey, you know another way you could’ve gotten that picture… Photoshop. Remember? We did it? [showing obviously faked picture of Joe Biden flying the plane] Remember?? Oh, but that’s right, Photoshop can look so fake–when the look of terror on so many people’s faces today, you can’t fake that.”

My wife made exactly the same suggestion upon hearing the news earlier in the day.

Update: Here’s the clip:

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6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart on Photoshop

  1. Well, actually, based on your previous post about the DOD dropping an American flag behind a general, apparently Photoshop modified pictures create a lot of problems for them with news agencies.
    [Good point. I think it’s all about being clear that an image is a photo illustration. –J.]

  2. Yeah, I totally thought of the same thing! Take the “background” photo from a helicopter and then Photoshop in the Air Force One plane.

  3. Wasn’t there a viral ad last year that showed such a 747 being done over in grafiti?
    (Small technicality, it’s not Air Force 1 unless the President is onboard, even if it’s in the Presidential livery)
    Everyone here I know was busily using Photoshop as a verb saying that’s how it should have been done, too (Google don’t like being used as a verb, what’s Adobe think about that?)

  4. Give the White House a break. The flight cost only $328,000. (Okay, the second part of the photo shoot, over Washington, would have added another hundred thousand or so.) It put only lebenty-leben tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But it was in a good cause. They needed the new pictures for souvenir cards to give out to folks who ride on Air Force One, and the existing cards are just so last Administration!

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