Photoshop gets stuffed, goes Presidential

  • offers a whole set of Creative Suite-style icons as pillows. “These 12″x12″ stuffed icons are 100% hand-made with love from the softest, fluffiest fleece there is,” they say. Presumably you’re only a Sharpie away from upgrading the CS3 look to CS4. [Via]
  • Tom Hogarty points out that the images posted on Flickr by White House photographer Pete Souza are tagged as having been edited with Photoshop CS4 for Mac. Earlier this year, Pete was using CS3, so we’re happy to see that he’s moved up to CS4. (Back in January we looked into sending him a complementary upgrade, but due to some touchiness about giving gifts to government employees, we had to punt on that idea.)

4 thoughts on “Photoshop gets stuffed, goes Presidential

  1. John, regardless of the version affiliation one has for the creative suite I believe these would be excellent “Thank you from Adobe” gifts for the 1st commenter.
    [Heh—if they were mine to give, you’d be first in line. 🙂 –J.]

  2. Jack,
    I have been checking with photogos on what Mr Souza’s favorite lens is and does he use available light for most of his indoor shots.
    If you know anyone who could help me out, thanks in advance.
    And I would like to know what is a common setting (f-stop,etc for a lot of his shots)
    Thanks for the post
    Ken in KY

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