4 thoughts on “(rt) Photography: Serendipity, chicanery, & more

  1. Leave it to the graphics folks to assume Photoshop is at work. Hasn’t anyone considered the possibility that China simply leads the US in genetic engineering?

  2. Is anyone else hearing a strange artifact of noise when first logging into this site or returning to it from a link? Lately my speakers feed me an odd chirp everytime I come here.
    [Yeah, I think there’s something weird with a video embedded down the page. I’ve just gotta write more so that it drops off the screen. 😉 –J.]

  3. “And Safari-using photo nerds, note the huge color shift when viewing one version of the image vs. the other.”
    And, of course, us Firefox nerds as well 😉
    [Ah yes, it’s finally on by default now, isn’t it? I plan to share a guest blog post about that soon. –J.]

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