New iPhone-based Photoshop training apps

The folks from Adobe Press have introduced Adobe Photoshop CS4: Learn By Video. The application introduces the most essential topics in Photoshop CS4. Users can:

  • Take a quick tour of the Photoshop CS4 interface
  • Mark any movie for later viewing
  • Share tips and comments with others
  • Quizzes: Test yourself! Track your progress and review problem topics.
  • Stay up-to-date on Adobe Press news through the Twitter group

The companion video package features 19 hours of training from Gabriel Powell and Mikkel Aaland, as well as quizzes & review materials.
In a similar vein, Richard Harrington’s Understanding Photoshop: Quick Fixes (iTunes link) offers the following:

  • Includes 17 training videos edited specifically for the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Offers easily viewable screens, with zooms and close-ups of the action.
  • Includes hands-on files & interactive quizzes.
  • Includes search, a quick reference guide, commenting, and a Twitter client.

These are just the apps I’ve encountered so far. If you know of other good ones, please mention them via comments.

2 thoughts on “New iPhone-based Photoshop training apps

  1. Hi John… Thanks for the mention. In honor of Photoshop World we lowered the price to 99ยข for until Tuesday, October 7.
    We just launched app #2 all about shooting panoramic photos and photomerge. Happy to send you a code for it too.
    Here is link
    And here are product walk throughs

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