A little Adobe-flavored bloodletting

Longtime InDesign PM Will Eisley has decorated his inner forearms with some bold type (larger image). Replying to my sharp-eyed wife, he says, “Yes, the marks are color and grayscale bars which are part of InDesign’s printing marks.” Hard core.

Next up, he says is “a series of 3’s in ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy. One of the best 3’s in all of typography, IMO.” Will also recommends checking out Body Type, dedicated to tattoo typography.


[Photo courtesy of John Cornicello]

9 thoughts on “A little Adobe-flavored bloodletting

  1. That’s true. I had to play with the position of the marks and color bars to get the aesthetic I wanted

  2. John,
    Can I join this new adobe cult? I want to paint my “bleed” on at my age of 63. The wrinkles get me every time..lol
    Ken in KY

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if the color bars were trademarked and he had to forfeit his arms? LOL

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