Death, shooting, & other diversions


Despite essentially never taking vacations ever (heck, despite barely leaving throbbing San José*), I’m actually getting out of the house for once and am headed to Death Valley with my buddy/fellow PM Hughes**. Laden with heavy artillery (photographic & otherwise), we’re off to shoot Bodie, the racetrack playa, and other sites; four-wheel through the infamous Goler Wash; make stuff blow up real good; and generally consume mass quantities of meat, propane, beer, and road flares. Last time I caught some shrapnel in the lip; this time, who knows?

I’ve scheduled a few posts during my absence, and provided we’re not kidnapped by hillbilly cannibals/ex-hippies/black helicopters, I’ll be back next week. Provided we are kidnapped by hillbilly cannibals/ex-hippies/black helicopters, well, so long & thanks for all the pixels.

* The Hose/The Ho’

** Couldn’t get Hogarty from Lightroom this time as he’s busy pounding the app

6 thoughts on “Death, shooting, & other diversions

  1. Enjoy NackSter!
    Last time I went was so much fun I hope you all enjoy again as much or more!! (At least the New Years Craziness isnt happening)
    Say Hi to Hughes for me too!

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