3 thoughts on “(rt) Illustration: Martians, killers, and more

  1. It’s really amazing how one employee of Adobe fails to admit that PSD helps creating archives of legacy data that have to be supported later and another Adobe’s employee finds it cool that iPhone can email layered PSDs now πŸ™‚
    [Which employee are you referring to in the first case? –J.]
    When will you guys make PSD/ABR/AI/etc. specs easier available? πŸ™‚
    At least CS5 presumably will be out with working FXG exporter/importer.
    [Yes, but it would be best to keep your expectations modest for the first go-round. –J.]

  2. Oh, I’m talking about Leonard. Don’t get me wrong β€” he is a very bright guy and I very much appreciate e.g. his PDF related work, but in a discussion at CREATE mailing list I had a feeling that he was overdefensive for Adobe and that it was difficult to get him to understand that publicly available PSD spec is needed *now*, whereas FXG 1) is nowhere close to be ready to use solution and 2) probably never will be it for a number of workflow related reasons (ever seen project PSDs with comp layers and whatnot flapping around in dropbox folders? :)).
    Surely you are coming with a different business background and I can’t expect a big company like Adobe to suddenly act like a small and fast one, but then I’m talking about years of expectation. See? πŸ™‚
    IIRC, a couple of weak sides of FXG was pointed out as well, but those mails were never answered. I’m specifically referring to fallbacks as a mean to long-term archiving.

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