Share your screen for free, via CS4

Ever wanted to quickly show an art director or client a work in progress in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.? Here’s how to do it (1-minute demo):

Be honest: you had no idea you could do this, right?

15 thoughts on “Share your screen for free, via CS4

  1. No. No idea. I do know that there are around 10,000 parts of Photoshop I don’t know about, even though I’ve been using it since PS 3. But I never, ever thought this was one of them!

  2. It’s not “Included for free”. It’s “included without any additional cost” 😉 That would be the correct legal term in sweden at least. You have already paid for the app – hence it’s not for free. If used in marketing in sweden you could actually claim the complete package for free. But anyway. It’s a really nice service – and it’s nice it’s included! Like your blog.

  3. I remember covering this when I wrote my CS4 reviews, and though I’ve never needed to use it (haven’t collaborated with my clients this way) I thought it was a great new feature. I think users are often too busy or too stuck in a rut to explore all the new features that show up with new releases.

  4. I did know, and it would be pretty handy, but what isn’t shown in that video is the big install of the software you have to do when you do it the first time – takes quite a while, so make sure you don’t just whimsically decide to do this one day without a good wait.
    [Really? The Connect Add-In installs on my system in under 30 seconds, and if you just want to participate in (but not host) a meeting, you just need the regular Flash Player. –J.]

  5. I knew about it because of a bug in PS–if you make a change to a large file and hit alt-f-s too quickly, the save option will be grayed out and Photoshop, in its infinite retardedness, will pop up the “share my screen” dialog box. It got so annoying I had to remove it from the menu list.

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