20 thoughts on “(Optional) Death to "Copy"

  1. It’s nice to see feedback integrated so rapidly. Thanks.
    Of course, this also makes the persistence of some other problems all the more mystifying…

  2. Thanks for the solution, John! This way us script-heads can keep our actions, and everyone else can kiss “$layer_name copy” goodbye.

  3. Shouldn’t need to be an option, you should just increase the number at the end of the layer name automatically instead.
    You know like After Effects does, this is way too granular to have as an option as the way AE does it is definitely better.
    [So, I guess your one opinion should just veto those of everyone who asked for an option. Good to know. –J.]

  4. WOW… that alone is a reason to buy CS5.
    Your so creative and such coding experts!
    That really deserves a headline ad ZDNET!!!

  5. Great! It’s those tiny tweaks that make up with the big stuff. 🙂
    Another tiny thing that would be great (and which has been bothering me for ages) is that when pasting a hex color with the # sign (such as #123456) into the color picker, photoshop (and other apps of the suite) should chop off the # sign and paste in the actual numbers withouth the hash (123456).
    Right now Photoshop pastes only six characters (#12345) and then chops off the # sign leaving us with 5 digits (12345), and thus an invalid color, in the picker itself.
    Tiny tweak, great results, happy customers.

  6. I don’t like it. If you want to follow the feedback you should give 2 separate options:
    1. suffix for copied layers/groups
    sequence number
    2. suffix for copied group contents:
    sequence number
    [The guy ahead of you is beating me up about offering too many options. You’re beating me up about offering too few. Sounds about right. (For the record, I’d like PS to offer the options you suggest, but that’s not in the cards right now.) –J.]

  7. John, I like it, and want to add possible consideration.
    Would you consider this tweak to the checkbox concept:
    “Add [alphanumeric text field here] to copied layers and groups”
    This lets the user determine whether “copy” or “copy of” or (if you supported it with special characters) incrementing numerals, or even the choice or whether a prefix or suffix, is added.
    Just a thought. I realize that it’s possible to overthink it, too!
    Thanks for listening, and for your feedback!

  8. Thanks for this John!
    I do kinda agree with James, above me, too. Maybe the option for a custom suffix or prefix?

  9. Sweetest thing …
    I’m bashing the Adobe team over and over again whenever i’m in the middle of a project finding out the little quirks in the apps that drive me mad at 5 AM.
    Now it’s Christmas time and time for New Year resolutions like (hopelessly) throwing away bad habits.
    My idea (wish) for reducing rants: Adobe should make the interface/checkbox/options/command/whatever source code open source to the community and everyone can modify “their software” as they want.
    How about that John.
    At least i would use it to modify After Effects CS3 and it’s DAMN! behaviour cutting off characters from file names in the browswer AND timeline!!
    Oh, it’s me ranting again … but rightly I think.

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