Demo: Next-gen GPU optimizations in Adobe video apps

Speaking of the future, here’s a glimpse of future 64-bit Adobe video products taking much greater advantage of GPUs:
Presenter Dave Helmly writes:

In the video you’ll see incredible AVCHD playback and scrubbing, working with DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D & 7D, 9 Layers of P2, Native Red 4K Multicam editing and RED keying and lastly, you see accelerated rendering for exports.

Check out this post from last week for more info.

6 thoughts on “Demo: Next-gen GPU optimizations in Adobe video apps

  1. Permit me a small rant about the idiocy of video producers like this guy who bore their audience with a 30-second introductory title (underscored with awful music as well). They must take their inspiration from feature-length movies, whose producers seem to think the audience enjoys sitting through their vanity production company title sequences. Enough already!
    [Yeah, no offense at all to Dave, but I did look for a way to hyperlink a minute or so into the vid. –J.]

  2. A couple of questions…
    1. With this GPU technology I take it that you will get the enhanced capabilities for any AVCHD footage? Or will it be supported only from specific cameras or makers?
    2. I take it right now that a specific video card brand and certain models will be needed and that not just any video card with a good (say Photoshop CS4 supported) GPU will work?
    [That’s correct, but note that this doesn’t apply to Photoshop. –J.]

  3. I was really looking forward to using Premier and Encore to edit and publish my web shows. But they don’t support WMV files. That seems like a glaring omission to me, like Photoshop not supporting JPG.

  4. Playback doesn’t actually look all that smooth but maybe that’s on my end. Always hard to tell with video of video.
    Also, thanks for posting my vegetable steamer comic a while back!

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