Video: The creators of Photoshop look back (and forward)

After 20 years, Adobe Creative Director Russell Brown sits down with Photoshop co-creators Thomas & John Knoll as well as original Photoshop PM Steve Guttman. If nothing else, check out the 1990 demo (from a much hairier Russell on the morning talk circuit) that kicks things off.
Excellent stuff, guys. From all of us who’ve been touched by Photoshop all these years, thanks for sharing, and for all you did & continue to do.

8 thoughts on “Video: The creators of Photoshop look back (and forward)

  1. I started with Pagemaker 1.0 (you had to insert the ORIGINAL disk into the computer for it to boot). Then Illustrator, along with, I think, about five Adobe fonts.
    That was Dallas in 1984-85 and nobody in the city knew what this guy (me) was ranting about. After all, how could something this cheap, be so good! The rest is well presented in this film.
    All I can say is THANK YOU, ADOBE!!!!!
    It’s been a great ride!

  2. 20 years… just amazing. I’m 25 and my career is just starting; and all about Photoshop and this stuff.
    First time I started Photoshop was 3.5 years ago. Now I work as graphic designer, trainer and promotor (wacom).
    I’m looking forward in the future. The future of Photoshop and the future of me.
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards from Austria

  3. Not to rain on the anniversary – I love the Knoll brothers – but let me add a footnote about Aldus Photostyler. The only competitor to Photoshop – bought up by Adobe. They were neck and neck until then. I still have a warm place for Aldus because of Pagemaker.

  4. Great video; thanks for making it!
    Brings back fond memories.
    Does anyone know/recognize the restaurant/wine label?
    Thanks again!
    Bill Carberry
    Adobe Certified Instructor
    CS4 Design Master

  5. Thanks for the video! Its easy to take Photoshop for granted when I use it every work day. This video made me wonder for a minute where I’d be without it. Letraset’s Color Studio, Aldus’ Photostyler, LivePicture and a few others came and went. Remember QuarkXPosure?
    I nominate the Knoll brothers for patron saints of pixels.

  6. I still run Photostyler 2.0, and have just managed to load it onto my new laptop HP6730 and I STILL prefer it for syplicity and power compared to Adobe CS4

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