Check out 20th Anniversary Photoshop Tennis live today

Layer tennis–the popular online sport where designers lob a file back and forth, tweaking and riffing on one another’s work–originated as “Photoshop tennis,” and today designers Khoi Vinh (design director of & Nicholas Felton will play a special Photoshop-only match. I’ll be providing running color commentary. Here’s my match preview.
The match starts today at 3pm Eastern Standard Time (noon in California), so grab a free ticket. I hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Check out 20th Anniversary Photoshop Tennis live today

  1. Ummm, talking about Photoshop as if it’s some kind of good thing that people like? If you click on the reality brush don’t you hear people saying Photoshop’s a despicable techno-shit tool for lying, manipulating and visually oppressing people too stupid to realize they’ve been screwed over, a techno-shit tool that everyone fucking hates because Photoshop is Auto-Tune for the eyes? Or m i hearing things?

  2. Hating on Photoshop (or Autotune) for those reasons is like hating on the internet because idiots like like you can post. Seriously, why even come here then?
    And why has this site had such an influx of dropkicks adding their worthless thoughts recently? The price of popularity I guess.

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