New Watermark Panel for Photoshop CS5

Adding a previously unannounced goodie into the CS5 mix, Russell Brown has created a new Watermark Panel for use in Photoshop. He writes,

Need to watermark a photo? You got it! Need to watermark 100 of them? No sweat. The all new Adobe Watermark panel takes all the hassle out of watermarking and let’s you get back to work (or doing the other things you like to do) a lot faster.

Here’s a quick tour:

A longer, more detailed video is available on Russell’s site. Here’s the panel installer itself.

56 thoughts on “New Watermark Panel for Photoshop CS5

  1. Hi John.
    Really liking this Watermarking script.
    Most of my watermarking is done within Lightroom however not everything I work on starts and ends there so having this utility available is very handy indeed.

  2. I downloaded PSCS5 trial yesterday and I have one question. I cannot see any difference in the way the transform controls (bounding box) looks like if an object is only selected or is in free transform mode – is is how it should be now? In CS4 the bounding box was light grey and went darker in free transform mode, so I could easily distinguish these two states. Now I can’t. Why is that?

  3. Yes, I have – I want it that way. But in CS4 it was visible difference when object is only selected and when it’s in free-transform mode, in CS5 there’s no difference. Which is crap, of course. Or do I miss something?

  4. Hey John,
    Love the blog…always insightful and definitely interesting. I’ve got a production panel I use all the time with CS4 and it’d be great to be able to try that out with the CS5 trial I’m running for our studio. I’d be glad to wait for Config2 to come out but since you mentioned giving you a shout for some help beforehand I figured I’d do so.
    Thanks much!

  5. Indeed, in CS4, the black outline is only showing when free transform is used, while in CS5, toggling the button in the move tool shows it immediately.

  6. Actually it’s as if each selected layer was in free-transform mode by default which makes it very easy to scale/stretch/rotate it just by accident!

  7. Also like & enjoying the implementation of the Watermarking Panel. Easy to use and works as advertised.
    shuteye studios
    new york city

  8. The Watermarking Panel is easy to use and I will use it to add the filename in the photos of our students (more than 1400). The photos of the students are named 12345.jpg for example. In Photoshop CS3 I used the automate Web Gallery and the result was the text ‘12345.jpg’ in the photo. But with this plugin I get the text ‘12345’ in the photo (which is better)!

  9. Hi,
    there are a few things that I do not like about PS CS5 that work less efficiently than in CS4. These are the following
    -Brush presets is a separate tab and it doesn’t have the stroke preview like CS4
    -The Chromatic abberation feature in lens correction is not performing well (oversizes the abberation too much).
    -The issue with the bounding box not being distinguishable like in CS4
    -MAJOR CONCERN – The Keyboard shortcuts only work if you keep on clicking on the page, it is almost like you have PS in the background and have to bring it forward to run the shortcut.
    Hope someone can help with workarounds since there are so many nice features as well.

  10. I can’t get it to work, I get the following error message:
    Script Alert
    Error: Input folder does not exist.:80
    Please help?

    1. Hi,
      I can’t download watermark extension. I get a ‘permission’ error – “You do not have appropriate permissions required to do this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission”. I have administrator rights, so I don’t understand why this error prevents me from downloading the extension through the extension manager. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

      1. I had the same issue and I finally was able to figure it out. You need to go into your control panel and click on user accounts. At the very bottom you need to select Change User Account Control Settings then you need to drag the lever all the way to the bottom. After you do that your restart your computer, apparently that is the only way to truly run your computer as an administrator. I did that and was able to install the watermark extension without a problem. Hope that helps.

  11. I figured it out. If you are getting the
    Error: Input folder does not exist.:80
    You need to complete the other steps (where you want the watermark to go) file and location on photo.. Then when pull up a photo and select preview.. This will work.. I was having the same issue until I did..
    Hope this work for you..

  12. Can’t download watermark panel I tried everything. When I downloaded it all I got was adobe dreamweaver

  13. I manually installed following the instructions but I do not find the watermark panel in my Window/ Extensions.

  14. I can’t get App to download at all – I just get stuck forever in the downloading hell. That little clock keeps ticking away with nothing happening (after 8 minuetes I gave up). What do I do to get to download so I can get on with experiencing the additional error noted above?

  15. hi – totally new to CS5 – it is proving to be mind boggling! I would lOVE to use the new watermark feature – how do I download that into CS5 – or is it currently there and I am not seeing it – I am such a newbie – its just sad-really!

  16. I’ve downloaded the plugin for watermarking in CS5 and have installed it as per the instructions (Windows XP) – automatically and manually.
    I then initiate CS5 to run and open an image and select Window/Extensions/Adobe Watermark a small empty dialogue box opens and CS5 then crashes and prompts me to send an error report to Microsoft!
    If anyone can advise further, please contact me at: pirate77[at]talktalk[dot]net

  17. Hello,
    installation worked fine, script is working until I try to change jpg quality from 10 to sth. higher. Then there is a error message telling me that quality setting is not correct..
    but I can not use the preconfigured quality of 10.. 🙁
    any hints how to change that?!

  18. SyntaxError: Expected:}:1
    I had this plugin installed and working fine. Today I marked one set of photos, and moved on to a second and received this error. Overwriting the plugin with a reinstall fails, removing the plugin, and reinstalling fresh fails (with or without a reboot). There are installed files that are not removed because once it is reinstalled, the last used settings are appearing in the app. It’s a great app when it works, but that’s entirely contra-factual at this point.

  19. There is an updated version of this panel, ver. 2.0.6., on Russell Brown’s page, that appears to resolve the SyntaxError: Expected: } : 1 issue.

  20. I am a new Photoshop customer. I am having a hard time downloading the watermark panel from this site. Any other suggetions? I click on it but nothing happens. Thanks

  21. Hi. I installed the watermark panel both ways. Every time I click on the Watermark icon to open the panel, I get the error message “Error #1090 1090 TypeError”. The panels still opens, but It has no text. i can only see the tabs 1-4, and the numbers inside the boxes on each tab, but no text, so I can’t read and figure out what to choose. I installed the 2.0.5 ver.
    Please advise how to fix. Thanks

  22. Excellent plugin, thank you very much.
    It has one point of failure however. It does not handle portrait images well.
    e.g.: 600×800 sample image, 580×70 watermark image.
    Batch runs and watermarks but the scaling is off on the taller images. The watermark appears to be something like 800px wide across the 600px image.
    Anything that’s x>y aspect is great. Tall portrait images with y>x get their watermarks scaled all wrong.
    A great shame as this is almost exactly what I was looking for.
    Photoshop CS5 Extended, Windows XP SP3, 2 Dell 1920×1200 panels.

    1. Perhaps you can save a watermark portrait preset for for just running against portrait formatted images. Of coarse you will need to separate portrait images from others when doing batch runs.
      I have only watched the video tutorial on this function and hope it’s as good as it looks.

  23. This is a great extension but it seems that all files watermarked this way are saved ONLY as .jpg’s. Can’t I keep them in .psd or .dng or whatever as still available in RAW?

  24. Has anyone figured out how to get around the quality setting issue? As other posters above, I am unable to adjust the output quality higher than 10.

    1. Never mind — figured out those numbers are PS 1-10 (12?) JPEG quality numbers, rather than a percentage.

  25. Is there a way to rotate a text watermark before applying it? I can’t seem to find one.
    I would like the watermark in the lower right corner, running up the right side of the photo. (So it would read naturally if the photo were rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.)
    Thank you,
    Jeff N.

  26. I have used Russell Brown’s Adobe Watermark Panel 2.1.0 successfully for years running Leopard. In Lion, simply trying to open the panel crashes Photoshop CS5.
    I have installed the update to the extension manager, and the watermark app appears to install correctly.
    I have run the Just Fix It script, but it does not help.
    Please help.
    The panel is incredibly useful, but keeping a computer running Leopard just to use it is becoming more and more of a problem.

  27. Hi. I installed the watermark panel, all ways possible. Every time I try to open the Watermark panel, I get the error message “Error #1090 1090 TypeError”. The panels opens, but It has no text. I installed the 2.0.5 ver.Please advise me on how to fix this. Thanks

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