onOne posts free 64-bit, CS5-compatible updates

I’m pleased to see that onOne has released 64-bit-native, CS5-compatible versions of Plug-In Suite, Genuine Fractals, FocalPoint, PhotoTools, PhotoTune, PhotoFrame, and Mask Pro–all as free updates. Check out PM Mike Wong’s blog for more info & download links.

4 thoughts on “onOne posts free 64-bit, CS5-compatible updates

  1. their shit is buggy as hell and making notibng but prolkems.
    just look at their support forum and you see im right.

  2. I really appreciated the free PhotoTools I got when I registered CS5. It’s actually kind of nice.
    I did get an offer to upgrade to the full suite at a discount, but I’m hesitating. It seems like the base functionality of Ps is getting so much better so much faster than the 3rd-party plugins. Am I right? Is there enough incremental value in the suites to warrant their purchase?

  3. I just upgraded to CS5 and installed Suite 4.5 (or 4.5.2 upgrade) which I purchased a year ago also. Installation with no issues at all but I don’t see any of the OnOne menus in CS5. This morning (Japan time) I called the tech support and explain to them the issues that I’m having, and they told me that I need to upgrade to Suite 5!(would be nice if it’s a free upgrade) Do I need to upgrade from Suite 4.5 (4.5.2, which I did) to Suite 5? no I DON’T! It seems to me that what OnOne software is doing, is forcing the customers that has the previous version to do and upgrade to the new version-Suite 5.
    Does anyone has issues with their Suite 4.5 (4.5.2) on CS5? I really need help here.

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