9 thoughts on “Video: HDR from Lightroom 3 to Photoshop CS5

  1. John
    Thank you and thank you Terry for this “how too”. I am not a fanboy of HDR, But I am slowing making the transition to one.
    I am so grateful for the learning videos you guys make available to me. I have used the HDR in CS5 and I like the way I can add subtle depth and richness to my photo work.
    I own photomatrix, and not been able to get the results I want, but with HDR pro, I so pleased. Thanks again
    I try very hard to learn to be a good photographer, but I am 64 and did not enter into this work but 5 years ago.
    Photoshop is an invaluable aid in my work. The Kelby team, all the blogs I follow, Joe McNally (I am joe wanna be).
    I do follow all the “stuff” the tech heads rants and raves over Adobe, Apple, etc.
    One of the lessons I have learned, parenthetically, one is not able to learn till you are older; at the end of day, no one gives a shit if you own a apple product, or, are a flask hater, Adobe hater or Abobe lover.
    I have done end of life Chaplin work at a local hospital. I have yet to hear anyone mention Adobe or Apple. I do witness the dignity of family and friends as they gather, kindly loving each other. In the quietness of the hour, I learn more about life, than any software or hardware can offer.
    Ken in KY
    PS, A confession; I use to lie to myself I was dumb and could not learn. One of the ways I over came this was; I made a commitment to learn and operate effectively a software program. If was a huge fear. I was told photoshop was the “bear” to lean but the best to use. That was in 1999. Today, I am proficient. But more than that, I do not lie to myself about the “dumb” question

  2. Just out of the blue:
    Open Photoshop CS5
    Once open, hold down the CTRL key
    Select HELP –> ABOUT
    Follow the White Rabbit…
    [On Mac the equivalent is to hold down the Cmd key while choosing “About Photoshop” from the Photoshop menu at upper left. –J.]

  3. Thanks for the nice video.
    If I may be a nag I would just like to point out that once a file is Processed to either 16 or 8 bits it is no longer an HDR file. Its a LDR file that has a “look” to it.

  4. I’m not convinced you should use Content-aware fill on your master images. It works randomly, so you are likely to get different results on each image. What’s more, you will need to save the images before Merge to HDR Pro will consider them for a merge.

  5. Hi, some mistakes with calling things – to be precise HDR is not a final images, you converted it back to 16 bits from merged HDR;)
    also ghost removing is not exactly this what you are saying it is – you need to use align option if photos were not from tripoid not ghost…
    anyway nice to see LR3 is working with PS in this way

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