Adobe Lens Profile Creator updated

The Adobe Lens Profile Creator, a free utility for creating lens profiles that work in Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, and Camera Raw 6.1, has been updated to fix a couple of bugs and improve batch processing. You can download the update from Adobe Labs, and you can read more details on the product user forum. [Via]
Update: In case you haven’t seen the lens correction tools in action, or if you’d like more info on how to use them, check out this brief overview from Julieanne Kost:

4 thoughts on “Adobe Lens Profile Creator updated

  1. John: Is there a centralized list of all the user created lenses somewhere?
    All I really want is profiles for the two kit Canon Lenses that came with my Canon Rebel XSi and which don’t seem to be there by default.

  2. i can’t seem to get the lens corrections adjustments for a profile correction to be applied to a photo i’m trying to “edit in photoshop cs4”. when the image opens in ps cs4, the lens corrections have not been applied.
    is this normal?
    thanks for any help.

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