NYC photowalk with Adobe PMs next Saturday

On June 26th, Lightroom and Photoshop product managers Tom Hogarty and Bryan O’Neil Hughes will be leading a morning photo walk around New York’s Madison Square Park and Flatiron district. Meet up at Foto Care 41 West 22nd (between 5th & 6th Aves.) at 10am sharp. The walk is scheduled to last until 2pm and includes a free lunch and software tips/demos. Feel free to bring your disc camera & crampons whatever camera you’d like & comfortable shoes.

Space is limited to 50 participants, so please RSVP via the event page.

Other NY/next week-related reminders:

  • On Friday the 25th from 4:30-7:30 pm, Scott Kelby & crew will be joining Adobe folks for a free Photoshop CS5 Summit.
  • Tom and Bryan will be presenting LR3 and PS CS5 at Fotocare on the 28th and 29th; see details.

2 thoughts on “NYC photowalk with Adobe PMs next Saturday

  1. Tom or Bryon
    My name is curtis and a few months back I downloaded y our photoshop elements 8 for a free trial and I LOVED it. SoI perchased the code to keep it but the code didn’t work. Called adobe and the said it was the corect code I must have wrote it in wrong.I still couldn’t get in and think called again. Then I gor some younger friends to help me. They discovered you had sent me adobe premer elements 8 I not knowing they were different not an upgrade downloded the adobe premere element and have had problems with my photos. My wife of 25 years died in nov and I wanted to share our life with the kids and the premer woldn’t open my old psd files.
    I today called Juston in customer service where I found the too were diferent. He said that you hade a policy of 30 days and I am now over that.He was nice but said I would have to buy elements 8. Having been retired for 13 years and the cost of cancer in the wife and the funeral costs, I haven’t got another 100 to spend. I only get ss and it is $790 a month. I tryed to explane that having ran a mome and pop headstone shop for 35 years there must be good word of mouth (now called blog)P R to be where your company is, it’s good advertisment don’t you agree.
    No I am to good a person too blog you and bad mouth y ou I didn’t even my compeditors.
    Thanks For Reading This snd good luck on the 25-29 PR photo shoot.

  2. I am in England and cannot attend. However, I followed your link to the map and decided to have a look using the Streetview facility.
    I could not find Foto Care, though I found number 43 and an empty shop nearby, so did Foto Care perhaps move in subsequently, after Google had made its recording?
    I noticed the stylish CRANES logo on the crane that was in the street when Google did the photographing.
    Also, the elegant 139 on a vehicle.
    Anyway, I decided to try to move, within Streetview, from there to Madison Square Park, though knowing that Streetview does not go into the park at present, though there are some photo points within the park.
    Is it possible for photographs, such as those due to be produced during the photowalk, to have metadata of position (maybe as latitude and longitude) and direction of view and time and date carried with the picture data? That metadata could perhaps be gathered automatically if the camera has such facilities or could be recorded manually using pen and paper. Google Streetview currently uses a circle to indicate a photograph location. If that circle could have the tail of a vector arrow attached to it showing direction of view, computed from the metadata of the photograph, then that could be an improvement.
    Does anyone know please if it is possible to build a Google Streetview style presentation for a virtual world starting from paintings produced using computer art?
    William Overington
    26 June 2010

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