Blog housekeeping: Notice anything different?

Answer: Hopefully not.  We moved this blog over to a WordPress foundation yesterday, but there shouldn’t be any visible changes or disruptions, including to permalinks and RSS subscriptions.  If you hit any snags, please let me know.

One somewhat minor, hopefully temporary problem is that comments listed on the right side of the main page no longer include an excerpt.  I know that some of my teammates scan that list so that they can jump in with replies when needed, so we’ll try to fix the problem.

Thanks to the folks at blog consultancy Firmdot for making the move so painless.

9 thoughts on “Blog housekeeping: Notice anything different?

  1. Yesterday your RSS feed pushed out doubles of a bunch of old articles. It wasn’t a big deal, but it is good to know the cause of the bug.

  2. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. A small suggestion: Have “John Nack on Adobe,” or if that’s not possible the entire header, hot link to your Main page.

  3. Well in Google Reader, lots of your entries which were already marked as read re-appeared again as unread. But that issue is quickly fixed.

  4. Remember, WordPress Sites tend to get fireballed a lot. Hope you have taken precautions. 🙂

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