Photoshop CS5 update (12.0.1) now available

Nothing matters more than stability & performance. I’m glad we can report that based on crash reporter statistics, Photoshop CS5 is more than 10 times as stable as CS4* (that is, it generates fewer than one-tenth as many crash reports). That’s not yet good enough progress, however.

Accordingly, Adobe has released an update for Photoshop CS5 (Mac | Win). You can also get the update by choosing Help->Updates from within Photoshop.

The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.1 update addresses a number of high priority bugs with 64-bit Mac, Performance, User Interface, Type, Content-Aware Fill, HDR, 3D, Painting, GPU and Liquify. The most significant fixes in the Photoshop 12.0.1 update include the following:


  • A number of issues that could cause slow performance have been addressed.
  • Top crashers found in the field have been addressed.
  • 3D refractions, Ray Tracing and IBL workflows have been improved.
  • Out of memory error opening some TIFFs has been addressed.
  • A crash in Content-Aware Fill has been addressed.
  • Font related crashes have been addressed.
  • A number of user interface and workspace issues have been fixed.
  • A number of painting-related problems have been addressed, including video layer issues.


We also addressed several issues that were result of the major architectural changes on the Mac side in the move to Cocoa/64-bit:


  • Right-click correctly selects the layer clicked on in the context menu.
  • Right-click to bring up the brush picker displays the picker under the cursor on the correct monitor.
  • Slow performance when using the Liquify filter has been fixed.
  • An issue where menus become disabled has been fixed.
  • Scrolling speed using Apple Mighty and Magic Mouse mouse wheel has been improved.
  • Double-clicking the document title bar now correctly minimizes the document.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when generating font previews. Note: We continue working with Apple to address remaining issues related to fonts and font caches. For info on those issues, use the Troubleshooting Fonts in Photoshop CS5 tech doc here.
  • Fixed an issue with batch processes on open documents.
  • Droplets are now Intel-native to improve compatibility in 64-bit mode and to remove the requirement to run droplets using Rosetta.
  • Fixed an issue where a white pixel would show up on screen after invoking certain dialogs.


Windows-specific issues of note:


  • Fixed an issue running on older AMD processors that prevent Photoshop from launching. (Application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d))


The team thanks everyone from the community who helped us identify issues and test several of the fixes prior to the 12.0.1 update being released.


* Comparing 11.0.0 (CS4) to 12.0.0 (CS5) during the equivalent period following initial product availability

103 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 update (12.0.1) now available

  1. Awesome. The right-click layer selection was holding me back from moving to CS5…
    [Cool. Sorry we let that one get past us initially. –J.]

    1. Hi Ignazio,
      If you’re talking about crashing or display issues seen only with the 10.6.4 update, there’s no change from the 12.0.1 update. The fix needs to come from Apple.

  2. why oh why, after years of asking,
    are updates still labeled something stupid, like “setup” or “patcher” with NO CLUE as to what they are about?
    How about trying something sexy like; “Photoshop 12.0.1 Upgrade” etc?
    and of course it is not just PS, though as I recall some of the teams were taught openness by their mothers 🙂

  3. “Fixed an issue where a white pixel would show up on screen after invoking certain dialogs.”
    What an odd bug. I was so certain my display had a stuck pixel, but I couldn’t get it to repeat consistently. Has been baffling me for weeks. It is now gone, thanks guys. You have helped my OCD just that little bit (needs all the help it can get).

  4. Great, much improves scrolling/panning performance.
    One other thing, how come I still can’t cut, copy or paste into any of the fields from Save for Web’s matte colour picker.

      1. My employer has eagerly updated from CS3 to CS4 and now CS5 yet this is the first thing I check with each release. I’d love this bug to be fixed.
        Good to know I can right click now yet I’m still more of a keyboard guy. Does “complicated” mean it won’t be fixed?

  5. Hi John
    Great news on these bug fixes… any idea when/if you’ll be reinstating Filters/Render/Lighting Effects for 64-bit users?
    I know I can start in 32-bit mode, but doesn’t that defeat the object of having a 64-bit rewrite?
    Best wishes

    1. There are no plans to update the aging Lighting Effects plug-in to 64bit. It’s like the Extract plug-in in CS4 which we replaced in CS5 with the new refine edge technology. We’re on the path to replace the Lighting Effects plug-in with something better in the future.

  6. Thanks very much for looking into the Apple Mice scrolling issues and the titlebar minimise bug!

      1. Well, maybe so, but I don’t mind the tabs for keeping everything tidy. They had this capability woking on one of the beta builds, but then they quietly took it away….and they’re always silent about it.

  7. I dumped my mac when cs4 came out on 64bit for pc. I’m glad I did!
    Delusional people who switch from pc to mac, nowadays.

    1. Yeah, Shop runs fine on PCs.
      However try running Illustrator on a 64-bit PC.
      Major bug city.
      Although to be fair I haven’t tried Illustrator CS5 for 64-bit PC.

    1. If you’re referring to the crashing caused by changes to video card drivers in 10.6.4, no. That fix needs to come from the OS as noted by Steve in a response to the second comment for this post.

  8. NVIDIA recently updated a driver for their GTX cards to fix the issue with 10.6.4. They say it overides Apple’s driver–which leads me to believe we need this video card glitch (garbled picture/screen flashes) from NVIDIA, not Apple. Id sat about 50% of the time I open a file and I get this redraw noise (Restarting PS usually fixes the problem).

    1. The NVIDIA update was just for the GTX 285 after market card. NVIDIA doesn’t issue driver updates for OEM cards; Apple controls the driver updates for video cards that come in the original spec. So even if NVIDIA knows how to fix the problem, it still needs to be distributed by Apple.

      1. I had similar issues MacPro 2008 -GTX285.
        After the 10.6.4 update.
        Going into Photoshop Prefs, and resetting History and Cache to defaults, and resetting GPU settings (default).
        After that all seems normal.
        I may have also reset Photoshop preferences.
        a bit of a pain.
        (Launch Photoshop and immediately hold down the [Command] + [Option] + [Shift] (Macintosh))
        anyhow it seemed to resolve the redraws, etc.
        I think this is an Apple thing. Which means … wait.wait.wait.

  9. Nice.. Exposé now works with all screen modes. The workspace switching buttons also work in all screen modes.

  10. Just wondering if Adobe was going to ever fix CS3 bugs. Still waiting on that one. Feel jilted in that as soon as I buy it… it does not play well on the OS X, and then I’m told to buy another upgrade (I believe that was CS3.1) and then yet another – this time CS4. Yep. I have hard feelings. Trying not to. But it sure is hard. Maybe I’ll buy CS5, but if you (Adobe) ever treat me this way again…

  11. I think Photoshop CS5 should get the Software Product of the Year Award, then the Product of the Decade Award. I am a mac user, a mac lover. Adobe has just done everything so right with this App update, almost like a totally new Product. It is so very fun and gratifying to work with softwares that get it right.

    1. Great to hear, gh. The team really dug in and put in extremely long hours to pull off the initial release as well as this dot release. It makes all the hard work worth it hearing feedback like this.

  12. After applying the 12.1 update CS5 still quits when inverting a marching ant selection in PS Extended on Mac OSX 10.6.3. Not related to file size or complexity. Reported the bug again. Converting to a Quick Mask to invert selections is my workaround… I’m very thankful the right click layer selection now works properly.

    1. Are you sure you don’t have 10.6.4? Try this, unplug all of your monitors and re-attach them to your computer making sure that they’re seated correctly. Restart the computer and let me know if it goes away. We had one person on U2U forums report something similar and it was caused by one of his monitor cables not being plugged in correctly. Strange, but true.

      1. Forgot to add it’s happening on an i5 27″ iMac and yes it is OSX 10.6.4. Sorry for the typo. Disconnecting the monitor is not an option.

      2. Does appear to be GPU related. I turned off Enable OpenGL Drawing and the bug goes away. Hope Adobe plans to support the iMac’s ATI Radeon HD 4850 card.

  13. Just updated and liquify has speed up now all the other functions have slowed down ridiculously. 5 minutes for patch tool? worked great yesterday except for liquify. What am I doing wrong?

  14. People, quit drooling over your macs and get a pc, Photoshop since cs4 runs way better on pc.
    [No, it doesn’t, so quit trolling. –J.]

    1. You obviously are a mac whore. Being the Great John Nack and all…
      Dude, CS4 64 bit even didn’t work on mac! Talk about a piece of shit hardware. And again, people with macs seem to have many more issues than people with pc’s on the adobe forum! Get real man, the days of the great mac are over. In the 80’s and 90’s mac was the way to go. Nowadays: NO WAY

      1. @Richard
        Windows still sucking, why the big deal on windows?
        I was a windows user for more than 10 years, and I switched to mac 3 years ago.
        Its the best work experience I had in my computer life.
        Recently I switched from WindowsXP to Windows7, and let me say you that I was amazed about the new graphics features and functions,but the workflow on windows7 is very awful.
        So, no thanks, I will keep on MacOS.
        Mac is an amazing system if you gonna work on it, and yes, its faster and more stable.
        In my experience, I can tell you have no idea of what are you talking about.
        Even Linux users thinks linux is better than mac just because its free. Windows users thinks is better than mac just because is more customizable (at cost of you ram and cpu performance).
        And yet, using windows7 I still having the same freezing, crashing and hangouts that I used to had on windowsXP.

        1. That sounds like gross user error. On Win7 64bit, I haven’t had a SINGLE freeze, hang or crash. Neither of the os itself nor photoshop cs5.
          And believe me, I was pissed off when apple changed their minds about 64bit, when adobe almost had Photoshop cs4 running on 64bit on mac!
          Gone are the days of “Mac is the best choice for graphic work”
          Both systems are capable of running ps, but I find it works much better on PC, since CS4.

  15. * Comparing 11.0.0 (CS4) to 12.0.0 (CS5) during the equivalent period following initial product availability
    Two questions immediately come to mind:
    • Were the sales figures in terms of number of user licenses for CS5 compared to CS4 during the same period?
    • There seems to be a fair number of hangs that do not generate a crash report in CS5 in comparison to CS4. Shouldn’t this be taken into account too?

    1. Ooops. That should read:
      • Were the sales figures in terms of number of user licenses for CS5 comparable to CS4 during the same period?

  16. Hi John,
    This is good news. I wonder if there would be any updates to Lightroom 3 soon, because apparently it has also some issues that could slow performance. There has been a lot of feedbacks about LR 3’s performance in Adobe Forums.

    1. Haha, sorry, that made me laugh. You just posted that mac is better for ps, but you had constant freezing? That’s rich :))
      On a sidenote: glad your photoshop is finally running well then.

      1. c’mon richard!
        there’s a lot of differences in user experience between macs and pcs, that go well beyond the performance of a single software.. maybe PS performs way better on a PC but from what i read here and i experimented in the preliminar use of this update, it’s getting quite good here on apple side.. and as much as your trolling nature is quite obvious, what i cannot understand is why you feel so important for you that mac users approve your windows machine.. i’d want people admire my work, not my tools.. so just relax, enjoy your great performing bugfree machine and leave us poor bugdrowning osx users in our little trendy trap..
        with respect

  17. This update is GREAT! Thank you to the Adobe developers!
    For those wondering, YES, this DOES fix the 10.6.4. / Open GL issue (at least it did for me). Prior to this, Open GL would cause system freezes (on 10.6.4.) 100% of the time on my system (Mac Pro 3,1 with NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT). With the new update, not one crash!
    Aside from all that, everything seems to run about 5x faster — including program launch time and repoussé (which is now very usable). And yes, that white pixel is finally gone too.
    Just ONE more thing for you guys to fix (PLEASE): Cmd+Z no longer functions while using the layer styles dialog box (compared to CS4, in which Cmd+Z would undo/redo a single change to any slider setting). This functionality is ESSENTIAL for my workflow, and I’ve been really bummed that it’s missing in CS5 (for no apparent reason). Please reinstate that function.

    1. Thanks. We’re investigating your layer style/undo issue.
      I’d recommend sending any bugs like that through our bug reporting/feature request form. The product teams may miss it if it’s just posed as a comment or in a forum:
      Adobe – Feature Request/Bug Report Form

    2. for me the 12,01 patch does NOT fix the 10.6.4 openGL freeze on my mac pro with NVIDIA 8800…. this issue is a real problem ! hope that apple adress that soon !!!

      1. I’m afraid that the dreaded rapid-flicker lock-up issue seems to have returned for me. I thought the updated fixed it, and it did fix it for a while. It happens far less frequently now, but it has happened 3 or 4 times in the last couple of days. For now, I’ve left Open GL enabled. Before the update, that wasn’t possible.

  18. When I first installed CS5, Photoshop was crashing so many times a day, I was wondering what was going on. After the patch, no more crashes — not one. And I’m still working on the same files.

  19. When hovering cursor over a color, highlighting this color on the Color Swatch panel, if it exists there. C’mon, Adobe, it’s 2010.

  20. Hello John!
    I am a big fan of your blog. I know this might now fit relevant to this post, but I wanted to suggest a feature for Photoshop. I am an avid PS useer as well as a programmer and app developer. I usually get into 100’s of layers that I group and effectively manage and name them. I am wondering why a layer search feature was never introduced. I really feel that will help a lot. Thanks, Mahesh
    [I hear you, Mahesh, and I was extremely disappointed that although I got a guy to code up the feature in CS5, we didn’t have time to finish it. I’ll try to get it dusted off for CS6. –J.]

  21. Damn.
    Not deployable. All that work with AAMEE and Adobe’s already not not using it.
    And running the patcher with the “-silent” switch isn’t silent either. Big 640×480(-ish) progress window, and the need to click Quit at the end. Srsly Adobe, WTF.

  22. To execute the patch in silent mode, execute the following command:-
    Mac: sudo [Path to]/Contents/MacOS/AdobePatchInstaller –mode=silent
    Win: [Path to AdobePatchInstaller.exe] –mode=silent

  23. Hi John – I’ve had PS5 since May 2 and haven’t been able to use it -the type tool freezes everything! I have an iMac VS 10.5.8. I downloaded the troubleshooting fixes and PS still isn’t functional. After running the font test – one font (Bucephalus) is identified as “failed.” Yeah, sure – there is no font on any of my drives or in the font book with that name or corresponding number in my font book. I really wonder if I will ever really be able to use the new cool features of CS5? Apple had no answers (three different calls)
    and Adobe after 5 hours on the phone closed my case and offered no solution. What now?

  24. I’ve gone down the list in that document and stopped when I got to the terminal. At that point I called Apple and after another 1.5 hours was advised not to mess with the terminal script. My real question is – why do I have to go into such elaborate sleuthing to use a piece of software I’ve been using for years? I am a designer/photographer – not a techhead. After two months of discussions, weblogs, upgrades, Adobe & Apple support I’m close to asking for a refund and bag CS5.

    1. Digidon – you are having to do the sleuthing because many of the font problems are not in Photoshop, but are in the OS itself. We’ve fixed the problems we can find in Photoshop, and are waiting for Apple to fix their issues. In the meantime, you can use the steps given in the knowledgebase article to remove bad fonts and clean up the Apple font cache problems (and the command line is the fastest way to do that step).

  25. The updater is not working for me. When I launch the AdobePatchInstaller app it quits right away without any error or notification. I see it pop into the dock for half a second and then it goes away. Any ideas? CS5 is installed into the default location. The system is an i7 MacBookPro running 10.6.4

  26. I really want to use Photoshop CS5, since I own it and love the new features. But it seriously crashes my first generation unibody MacBook Pro (dual NVIDIA GPUs) running 10.6.4. I even purchased the OWC 6 gig ram upgrade for the machine to make use of the 64 bit capability of the new software. When opening several files, it will crash on opening the last file. When it crashes, both my screens go blank for a minute and then slowly the desktop reappears. Oddly, there are no reminders that photoshop has crashed after this happens. And the burn/dodge tool is very slow as well. Things are actually worse since the upgrade, but at least the cursor tracks properly now. Is it the OS that’s causing this? Or the OWC upgrade? Not sure where to start trying to fix this…

  27. Jens, Apple introduced this issue with the release of 10.6.4. They know about it, and with any luck will remedy it soon. There is nothing Adobe can do about this issue. Turn off OpenGL in prefs until a fix is available from Apple.

  28. sir
    i suggest one modification
    when i select an object the the transform controls border is a line in cs5,but in cs4 that was a doted line,doted line is better viewing,the line in cs5 makes some irritattion when doing works,please consider this suggestion

  29. I’ve been using PS CS5 12.0.1 64-bit on 10.6.4 (with 64-bit extensions enabled at boot) since Adobe released it a few weeks ago. I had experienced some artifact issues with CS4 before, but no crashes with CS4 or CS5 until today.
    Now CS5 crashes or hangs within 60 seconds no matter what I’m doing in the application when OpenGL is enabled. I did not have this problem until today, and my software stack has remained the same since i upgraded to CS5 12.0.1 a few weeks ago. Weird.
    Late this afternoon I reinstalled OS X and installed only the core fonts with the OS and CS5 Master Edition. All the fonts pass the apple Font Book diagnostic, as well as the Adobe diagnostic.
    My machine is a 17″ MacBook Pro i7 / 8GB / dual internal OWC Mercury RE SSDs in RAID-0.
    At first i was pretty bummed that i wasn’t getting to use the advanced GPU functionality, but the SPEED of screen redraws, lack of tearing, and no artifacts makes it totally worth it. Oh, and that little issue of PS staying alive for more than 60 seconds… That’s kinda a big deal.
    Here’s hoping Apple and Adobe get a fix for the 2010 MBP i7.

  30. I came here searching for info on whether it is time to upgrade my system to CS5 or not.
    I work in a larger corporate office that has no Mac support so any problems I have I have to fix myself.
    After reading all these comments about the issues that Apple has to solve… I’ve come away knowing that I can’t upgrade to CS5 yet.
    And I was really itching to do so. darn.

  31. Wish I hadn’t come across this blog-I was set to buy the new Imac 27″ this weekend to replace an old Gateway XP that burnt up on me. Was running CS 3, looking foward to CS5 and the Mac OS. Don’t know which way to go now should I stay with Windows 7?

  32. Since installing CS5 (32 bit windows PC) there’s a problem with the brushes. When the brush size is large the circle outline is only about 1/3 complete and makes it difficult to place accurately. The larger the brush the more incomplete the circle outline is. This is true for any of the tools, i.e. dodge, burn, paint, etc. Never had this with previous PS versions. Did the 12.0.1 upgrade but still no fix.

    1. That’s an ancient bug in NVidia video card drivers — updating the driver should solve your broken cursor.

      1. It sure is nice to have expert advice available on this site. Thanks Chris, it seems to have been the fix for my NVidia Quadro FX card.

  33. I’ve come across a nasty little bug. Simply typing out text in common fonts such as Arial, Verdana & Tahoma shows random spacing between letters. It looks totally wrong. Some letters overlap each other, some have huge spacing between. I’m having this issue on all my 3 iMacs.

  34. After i updated photoshop it started to freeze when using the type tool or shape tool.
    Photoshop CS5 (64 bit)
    Now i wish i never updated.

    1. In advanced settings for OpenGL i changed it back to basic and cache levels back to 4 now its fine.
      Hmm, weird.

  35. Having a major problem since initial install of CS5 with PS smart object. When I transform the shape of a smart object in any way other than scale or rotate (distort, perspective, etc) it does what it should, but when I attempt to readjust the transform a second time, the bounding box either shoots off to the side of the art board, is huge, tiny or otherwise malformed to the actual smart object layer. It’s a huge issue for me, as I use smart objects all the time and need to be able to adjust them from time to time. This NEEDS to be fixed. PLEASE!! I cannot find any documentation of it anywhere online.
    Also, I just did the update and now my command + Z is broken. Also a big problem. Oh, I’m on a MacPro. Thanks for your help.

  36. not sure what type of file i would post for the smart object issue. Is it not happening for you? I’ve tried it on multiple computers in my office (and at home) and any file with a smart object that has been skewed, distorted, perspective-d or warped reacts the same way when the bounding box is clicked into action to do a 2nd transform. It is not aligned to the object; it either shoots off to the side or out around and it is either up to 10X larger, or sometimes smaller, and is not attached to the object it represents. It still effects the object when I move a corner point, but it’s impossible to do anything with precision. I’m just puzzled that we here are the only ones with CS5 having this issue.
    Anyway, again, not sure what I’d post. If you make a smart object in PS, try to distort it, hit enter, then click a corner to transform it again and see what happens. That’s all I can think of… would only take a few seconds. It has to be some kind of bug; this never happened in previous versions of PS and I don’t really trick my PS out with preferences or anything. Thanks for your patience and assistance
    also, the command + Z doesn’t function, but in the edit drop down, it’s listed as the shortcut next to the command. I tried resetting prefs, but no change. this occurred exactly when i did the new update, so it’s got to be a it working ok for you after the new update?
    Thanks again

  37. John,
    I’ve searched the adobe forums and googled Error 22 that I keep getting when I try to do any automating like HDR. Windows Vista Home, CS5 Photoshop and just updated yesterday.
    Dr Jones

  38. I received my CS5 upgrade today and found it would not run. Kept crashing as soon as I tried to run it. Finally nailed it down to having “enable access for assitive devices” ticked under Universal access in system preferences.
    After I unticked that I had no more issues.
    I have no idea why but zbrush, photoshop, vmware fusion and other apps I own all crash or run weirdly if that one option is ticked in OSx.
    I was starting to get frustrated but am now pretty happy with the upgrade so far.

  39. having issues with Adobe CS5 Extended and windows 7 ultimate (64 bit). My customer can not print to his new Epson 7900-HDR printer at all. any idea’s??? greatly appreciated. already un-installed and re-installed CS5 Ext

  40. Am a newbie to PS5,Win and so far am finding program difficult and far less intuitive than Corel PSP that I have been using for ten years or more. However no doubt this will change as I get more familiar with PS. Most immediate problem is with Clone and Refine edge brushes which will not respond when file is opened in PS. Though they work fine in ACR. Have checked that image is flattened and working in active layer plus lots of other things but no result. Probably a simple answer from someone with experience, but that’s not me yet?

  41. I must say I’m impressed with the features and disappointed with the stability of cs5. I cannot use the transform tool at all. Whenever I try to move something, photoshop instantly crashes. It works fine if I use the keyboard to move objects or selections, but crashes when I use the mouse. I have the most recent update. I have tried resetting the settings, with or without openGL. It’s always the same. I remember coming across this same bug in CS3.Back then it was on winxp 64 (now win7 64), athlon x2 (now phenom x6), and nvidia geforce 8800 gts (now gtx 465). In addition to photoshop both systems had AutoCad and 3dsmax installed, and probably running at the same time. I ran across a few users who have this very same problem but on a Mac. Oh, and I tried reinstalling, it did no good. :\ Needless to say this issue seriously hinders my usage of photoshop.

    1. Scratch that(literally). My issues are resolved – in record time. The problem was I had two hard drives assigned for scratch disks, and the first one was really low on space (it was also the system drive). When I left only the other scratch disk on, everything started working like clockwork. This has frustrated me for ages, and I always thought it was a GPU issue. Thanks a lot for the quick replies. 🙂

  42. I dont know where to go for help!! Can’t make droplet work, even after downloading update 12.0.1 ! I really need this to work, have hundreds of photos to resize.

  43. Hey,
    I have also applied those updates for CS5 after opening a new doc and the screen is all garbled. I would attach a screen shot, but there is no option. What else can be done? I am using windows 7/parallels on mac pro.

  44. “Screen garbled” == your display driver is out of date or has a serious bug, and has nothing to do with Photoshop updates

  45. CS5 running on Windows 7 Home Edition x64.
    All is well till I start printing. The process goes like this: When I change the number of prints to, say, 3, the printer will print one print. The next time I try to print that image, it will print 3 regardless of the quantity input. From then on the quantity will be one job behind, printing the quantity that was last entered. Never had this problem before but CS5 is the first version I have run under Win7 x64. Any ideas?

    1. Kurt – it’s a known bug with some printer drivers and the interface between the new Windows printing system and the old Windows printing system, plus drivers that don’t initialize the count until their UI is shown (and we don’t normally show their UI). We’ve been working with Microsoft to find a way around this problem, and with printer manufacturers to update their driver code. But it’s looking like the “simplest” workaround is still going to be pretty complex.
      [I’m told there’s a workaround in this thread. –J.]

  46. I have also applied those updates for CS5 after opening a new doc and the screen is all garbled. I would attach a screen shot, but there is no option. What else can be done? I am using windows 7/parallels on mac pro.

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