A nice quote about mobile Flash Player

“First, let me apologize to Adobe for all the harsh articles on how Flash is outdated, how it doesn’t work on mobile devices and how HTML5 is taking over. After using Adobe Flash with my HTC EVO and Android’s Froyo operating system, I am now a believer.”

— Daryl Deino in the LA Examiner. Nice.

5 thoughts on “A nice quote about mobile Flash Player

  1. I’ve always been a Flash “believer” (I’m a Flex developer by profession) but I have an HTC Evo with Android 2.2 and I’m psyched about Flash running on it! I want to know, however, how (can I) build Flash apps for Android? Is Air available for Android? If not, will it be?

  2. I love Flex/Flash and can’t understand Apple’s tactics in this regard. But what’s beautiful is that the Android is giving the iCrap a run for its money.

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