5 thoughts on “Eye-Fi enables direct camera-to-iPad transfer

  1. I’m a multi-year fan of (and reviewer of) Eye-Fi products, and I’m still not sure how they are pulling this off. I suspect the iPad (or mobile) app enables itself as a WebDAV server, but I wonder if it can work in the background using, say, background location as a tool to remain active. Looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Definitely something I’d be interested in knowing more about; trouble is at the moment I’m in the same position as you Jon with the SD-CF adaptor issue.
    Still…it’s all very encouraging.

    1. which leads me to question “why doesn’t anybody make a CF card with WiFi”. Can’t be much more difficult and there must be a market…

  3. I shoot with a Nikon d300s, raws to the cf card and jpg to the eye-fi pro card. I have a jail-broken iphone running a wifi hotspot that my ipad is logged on to. It takes about a min for the jpg to go from the camera to the iPad. Works great, but you do need to jail-break the iphone. I’m sure you could also jail-break the iPad and just use it to create an wifi hotspot.

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