8 thoughts on “Trimensional: 3-D Object Scanning for iPhone

  1. The only thing I ever use 3D for in Photoshop is show my friends just how unstable it is on a MacBook Pro with Nvidia graphics….

    1. es, Apple’s NVidia drivers have been a bit unstable. But Apple improved them a lot with the driver update for 10.6.4, and are continuing to work on additional fixes.

  2. Looks like ****.
    [I’m sure you’ll invent something better and show us straight away. (“Some days, the web feels like 5 people trying to make something; 5k people turning it into a list; and 500MM people saying, “FAIL.” —Merlin Mann) –J.]

  3. “I think it’ll become clearer why we’ve invested in giving Photoshop a 3D infrastructure.”
    There are several good general purpose 3D apps out there, but only one good 2D app.
    I’m all for 3D in Photoshop, but I think there are several 2D that are more important to focus on.
    There are several pixel level inaccuracies that have been with Photoshop for a long time that I’ve given up hope on ever being fixed. Several existing tools could be sped up and tweaked to be a lot more useful, often with GPU power.

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