Ask a Pro: Setting up a killer video system

If you’re doing video editing and/or effects and want to set up the optimal workstation, check out this Friday’s live presentation/Q&A session (12-1pm Pacific time):

This session will show you how to configure After Effects, Premiere Pro, your computer, and your projects so that working and rendering take as little time as possible. Topics covered include memory and multiprocessing settings in After Effects, CUDA processing in Adobe Premiere Pro, OpenGL processing in After Effects, background rendering, and dozens of little tips to make things faster.


  • Al Mooney – product manager for Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Paul Young – software engineering manager for Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Chris Prosser – software engineering manager for After Effects
  • Todd Kopriva – technical support lead for Adobe professional video products


5 thoughts on “Ask a Pro: Setting up a killer video system

  1. this is making me so sick.
    seminars, workshops … which are going to show me how to set up my computer and settings for the ultimate render-joy?
    Guys, seriously, if you can afford it , hire some people from Maxon, makers of C4D before you are going to make complete jerks out of you.

    1. And meaning what? I think you are seriously confusing things here and really don’t know what you are talking about. 3D rendering optimization is something completely different than doing something similar for 2D image processing and it’s not that you simply could slice up an image into tiles/ strips and expect consistent blurs etc. without seam blending issues…. And at the risk of bursting your bubble – among 3D programs, C4D is one of the lesser optimized ones (think of how GI and blurry reflections slow down things). Compared to VRay, MentalRay, modo etc. its rendering performance leaves a lot to be desired (aside from the long standing quality issues with bad DOF, motion blur and so on). So what would Maxon engineers do about Adobe software, when they can’t straighten out their own little app? You are making no sense whatsoever. I will agree on one thing, if that is what you were implying: There are serious deficiencies in particular in AE with how it does not use all system resources smartly enough to guarantee maximum performance and how it imposes the odd little thing that is called “Render Multiple frame Simultanously” which to this day even eludes experienced users.

      1. Thank you Mylenium for understanding my core statement, agreeing and nailing it down for another one more hurray makes me feel not being completely lost on this topic.

  2. I was unable to attend on Friday. I hope that you will be able to provide a link where we can watch the presentation.

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