Video: "Why Can't We Walk Straight?"

Here’s a neat little animation from Benjamin Arthur on an interesting subject; worth watching despite Robert Krulwich’s characteristically twee & cloying narrative style.


6 thoughts on “Video: "Why Can't We Walk Straight?"

  1. Yea great. We have trillion dollar deficits and our tax dollars are being spent on cartoons about what we don’t know. FAIL

  2. NPR receives no public funding from the government. It does receive payments from local stations, some of which are funded by grants they’ve applied for from the government. In 2008, for instance, only 5.8% of local station revenue came from the government and 34% of NPR’s funding came from local station fees, so we’re talking about something like 2% government funding at max for this.
    On top of all that, popular content such as this results in more awareness and therefore pledges for NPR (I’ve seen this several times over the last week), and so the overall production of this probably results in even less of your tax dollars going to this show.
    I’m not really an opponent of some government funding for the arts, but Peter’s claim sticks in my craw a bit.

  3. I’ve enjoyed and been truly enlightened by Robert Krulwich for decades. The man is very gifted, however I’ve never heard him referred to as twee or cloying. Interesting.
    [I find his tone irritatingly self-satisfied, with a “hey, isn’t is *special* and *neat* to be me?” vibe. That’s hardly unique among NPR personalities, and I say that as a die-hard NPR listener/donor. –J.]

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