Awesome app o' the day: Toontastic

The other day I said that creation on tablets would be more about fun, about speed, and about the unbridled pleasure of creation than what we know today. Toontastic is the sort of thing I have in mind:

I just spent half an hour creating cartoons with our 2- and 1-year-old sons, quitting only when I had to go to work. We had a pirate-loaded ball.
I’m reminded of my own childhood, when I tried animation with flipbooks and even an Etch-a-Sketch Animator. Apple IIgs apps were similarly promising but frustrating. It wasn’t ’til college that I found Director & Flash, but of course those are complex pro tools. I love seeing the creation experience taken to the next level.
Thanks to reader Hendrik for pointing out the app.

3 thoughts on “Awesome app o' the day: Toontastic

  1. Makes me wistful for the promising LiveMotion app with its much more intuitive and fluid interface for creating motion vector graphics. I find the opacity of the Flash interface flat-out depressing.
    [You don’t, by any chance, know what I came to Adobe to develop, and what I spent my first two years working on, do you? 🙂 –J.]

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