Video: Kids vs. old-school technology

“I recently heard of a grade school child coming across a old corded telephone in a junk shop,” notes blogger Michael DiTullo, “and exclaiming to her parent ‘look, this way you won’t lose your phone!'” I feel this way whenever our little guys try to push a button on my laptop screen by, well, actually pushing it. Related cuteness/puzzlement ensues:

3 thoughts on “Video: Kids vs. old-school technology

  1. Remember albums–in the old days when a guy and girl had a big fight and she told him to get out they’d have to sort through the record collection to divide up the albums between his and hers and then they’d get to talking about the first time they ever heard Clapton’s “Stay Lady Stay” and then they’d sigh and hug and kiss and make up and give things another chance. Now I’m guessing kids just break up and go their own way because the girl just flushes the guy’s ipod nano down the toilet and technology never makes people sit and talk.

    1. @Mark I guess you’re right! it’s sad to see technology that (to some extend) “improves” people’s daily live barely improves humanity.
      digital natives and their analog innocense…

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