DesignScene gathers visual inspiration on iPads

You know, I was just thinking, “I’m so completely caught up on design-related links, and so quiet on Twitter, that I could really use another onslaught of content (the ignoring of which could make be feel vaguely bad)!” Or not. Even so, the $4 DesignScene iPad app could be a keeper:

According to the site, features include:

  • Real-time visual inspiration from 50+ sites
  • Text feeds from 30+ sites
  • In-app web browser
  • Share links via email, Facebook and Twitter


The app needs Instapaper integration (for saving links for later use) in the worst way, but no doubt that’s coming.

One thought on “DesignScene gathers visual inspiration on iPads

  1. Not to be a hater out of the gate, but what does it offer that Flipboard (free) + google reader (free) doesn’t?
    I mean besides seeming like you can’t select who you want curating your inspiration… I deleted all of flipboard’s default content and replaced it with my favorite greader folders rss feeds, and it’s got all the features you mention already – plus I don’t have to switch to another app to get my make inspiration, my dev inspiration or just read the news.
    If you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend it.

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