Who's driving the Photoshop ship?

As I’ve mentioned a few times, ever since the CS5 release started coming in for a landing, I’ve been working to develop new mobile applications at Adobe. On Photoshop I always worked with a talented group of fellow product managers, but my blog audience may not yet know them well. I’m overdue in helping to set that right, so I asked them to introduce themselves:

Bryan O’Neil Hughes is the Senior Product Manager for both Photoshop and Bridge and a pinch-hitter for the Lightroom team. Since 1999 he has helped to test, drive, demonstrate, and lead development of Adobe’s professional digital imaging applications. Bryan is the Photoshop team’s primary worldwide spokesman and can often be found leading seminars, user groups, and workshops. Before joining Adobe, he was a professional photographer and retoucher. Beyond Adobe, Hughes is a published photographer, editor, and author. He is also a driving instructor for the BMW Car Club of America. When he isn’t driving very quickly, he enjoys running marathons very slowly [Infinitely faster than I would. –J.].

Zorana Gee, M.B.A, is a Product Manager for Photoshop and Photoshop Extended. She has been on the Photoshop team for over 10 years and involved with Photoshop Extended from the beginning. Zorana is instrumental in the 3D effort as well as driving many other feature improvements within Photoshop. She is a published author of 3D in Photoshop: the Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals and the iPad app Photoshop 3D Guide. Zorana speaks worldwide representing Adobe and the Photoshop family line of professional products. Outside of Adobe, her time is often spent teaching the art of Capoeira to her community. She has been training and teaching Capoeira for over 12 years and holds a black-belt (equivalent).

Pam Clark is the Group Product Manager for Photoshop where she helps define the future of the product, works with the teams to create each version and then ship it out the door to customers. She is also heavily involved in Photoshop’s social media activities on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you don’t see her in the office (next to mine), she’s probably out miss-hitting balls [Her words! –J.] on the tennis court.

As for me, I still sit with the Photoshop team, and I remain passionate about helping info flow in both directions.  I’ll try to keep posting interesting bits, and I’m happy to help pass your thoughts to Bryan, Pam, Z., and the rest of the crew.

17 thoughts on “Who's driving the Photoshop ship?

  1. Hi John,
    Off topic, but if you direct me a tutorial??
    I am doing a lot of composite photography. That said, My skills “cutting” out in CS5 are getting better, however, I still am leaving a lot of “white edges”.
    I seem to remember Dr Brown, doing a adobe tutorial on this, but cannot find it.
    Do you know of any tutorials (video’s) that can assist me in fine tuning the “quick selection tool” or perhaps one of your readers can suggest a site for this
    Kind regards
    Ken in KY

  2. Thanks John. I’ve seen these names come and go on your blog but it’s nice to get to know them a bit better. PS was literally a life changer for me, so it is good to know there is such a great team working on it.
    Looking forward to your mobile aps.
    As always, coffee would not be the same without your blog.

  3. Quick request: would the PS and Bridge Team talk to the Lightroom Team about AVCHD? They don’t seem to know what it is. Thanks!

  4. G’day John,
    Are we going to see ” 3D in Photoshop: the Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals” as an ebook for iPad anytime soon.
    I would love to see more PS books as ebooks as they are such a good companion that way to working in PS.
    That way they can combine all that with video and outside links so well. Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Many thanks
    Filip K.

  5. I’d like to contact someone with some ideas to improve the adjustment panel. I use 100’s of adjustment layers a day and I’d like to see the CS5 panel improve.

  6. I am still at CS4. I recently switched from Windows to Mac and wish I had done it long ago. To change platforms I had to upgrade to CS4. Shortly thereafter, CS5 came out. Adobe would not give me a break to upgrade, so I am waiting for CS6. Now, however, I have a problem with Bridge. It freezes when I open it up–folders take forever to show up and forget about getting them to open up. The only way I can get it to work again is to shut down the computer and restart it. That is frustrating. I have tried refreshing the preferences and clearing the cache. No luck. Any ideas how to fix this while I wait for version 6?

  7. Hi
    When the CS suite landed way back when I thought to myself cool – adobe are going to integrate the apps, the interface and the tools, here we are at version CS5 and does the pen tool behave in the same way in illustrator and photoshop? can you scrub values in illustrator as you can in photoshop? The list goes on.
    As a teacher I’d love to say learn how to use the pen tool in illustrator and you’ve learn it in photoshop but I’d be lying
    Please get it together, collaboration is the future 😉

  8. Great programmers, great program, lousy management. That’s photoshop and Adobe. Or why do you charge double the price in the US than e.g. in the UK?

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