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While highlighting all the great stuff Adobe is doing around HTML5, I mentioned the company’s contributions to the popular jQuery JavaScript library. Now the folks involved have started a new blog to share interesting news:

jQuery Mobile–a touch-optimized UI framework for smartphones and tablets–is currently on its Alpha 3 release. We’re very excited about this project and have had one of our finest–Kin Blas–working closely with the rest of the jQuery mobile team since November. As a side note, Kin will be speaking about jQuery Mobile at a Bay Area Mobile (BAM) meetup in March. Highly recommended if you’re interested in getting an overview of the framework from one of its main contributors.

I’m really happy to see Adobe putting real skin in the game here, working to solve customer problems whether through HTML, Flash, video, or any other combination of technologies. It’s not about one runtime vs. another; it’s about results.

2 thoughts on “Adobe & jQuery

  1. They should work on their flash player.. It might be ok running under windows (30-40% cpu usage) but under OS X or Linux it goes around 70-80%.. So yeah, i’m happy that they’re working on jQuery…

  2. I think this is great. I work with Flex and been using jQuery since early 2007. With the whole HTML5 thing coming into the picture. It has been interesting to see how a lot of people have turned on Flash. The truth is Flash and JavaScript play so well together. I think this is a great move for adobe to show how they are complimentary and not enemies.

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