Save 10% on CS5 apps for Valentine's Day

From today through Wednesday night (Feb. 16 at 11:59pm PST), customers in North America can save 10% on a full or upgrade version of CS5 Suites & individual CS5 apps for Valentine’s Day.  Please use offer code FEBCS10SM at check out on the store.

3 thoughts on “Save 10% on CS5 apps for Valentine's Day

  1. Oh, sweet! Now if your valentines day didn’t go so hot, you can more affordably remove that special someone from photographic memory! Oh, the beauty of content-aware fill… 😉
    I kid. Thanks for the heads-up the sale–will tell interested parties.

  2. Already bought PS Thanks for the heads up! By the way scrolling in the store on Safari on my Mac is very weird (I believe it has something to do with Flash…). (I have a magic mouse)

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