The Layers feature in Adobe Ideas is on sale

Good news for the many users of Adobe Ideas: the Layers feature (which now brings with it scaling, movement, and rotation; see recent) is on sale for $1.99 (regularly $4.99) for a limited time. The feature is an in-app purchase: tap the layers icon (lower left), then hit the plus button next to “Buy Layers.”

6 thoughts on “The Layers feature in Adobe Ideas is on sale

  1. Wait–I don’t have a pad of any kind–now you have to buy programs feature by feature? This would be great for the music industry…you could buy a song of vocals and keyboard, and then, for a little extra, you could buy a bass track and then for a little more you could buy a drum track.

    1. Mark, Ideas is free to use. Paying $2 in the app for this extra feature means no need for separate lite and paid versions. This is nice not only for Adobe but for us end users (e.g. if we have invested time into sketching out some work and would like the benefit of separate layers, there’s no need to transfer work from one version to another).
      John, if we purchase for one iOS device, we can still get access on others right? Probably will use this predominantly on my iPad, but may as well have it on my iPhone, too, if it doesn’t cost extra.

  2. Cool, thanks for the tip for this awesome application. Perhaps some of the speedy and playful aspects of Ideas will become part of Adobe Illustrator some day.
    [Any ideas/requests in particular? –J.]

  3. I guess the lack of response to the questions about an Android version means that there are no plans for one? That’s a real bummer. This would be a killer app for those 50+ tablets that will be Flash and/or AIR enabled this year.
    [I don’t presume to spek on behalf of the Ideas team, and AFAIK they haven’t said anything publicly re: Android, but I did sneak in a reference the other day to “Adobe Journal.” –J.]

  4. The focused design, smooth, natural brush strokes, and lag-free infinite scaling capabilities of Ideas are fantastic. While newer versions of Illustrator can certainly perform similar tasks, the process isn’t as streamlined or inviting.
    I adore Adobe Illustrator, but admit that its interface and conventions can be intimidating. The Ideas app presents a clean, fresh approach to sketching, so users can more easily concentrate on their creation.

  5. I hesitated before to buy the layers update simply because it was a bit much when I wasn’t sure I’d like it. At this price, I think I’ll jump.

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