A tour of Photosmith for iPad

Photosmith, the “travel-sized companion” for Lightroom, sounds quite interesting, and now the developers (who are independent of Adobe) have posted a detailed preview featuring numerous screenshots.  Regarding Lightroom integration, they say:

Tag, rate, star, keyword, organize, etc, your pictures in the field. When you’re back at your main computer with Lightroom, simply start the Photosmith Plugin for Lightroom. (See this page for download and install instructions. The plugin will remain free after the app launches.)

The plugin will search for Photosmith running on your iPad, contact it for the latest statistics, and then let you choose whether you want to sync everything, or just a particular collection. Everything includes… well, everything. Even your collections and keywords are sent over to the iPad so you don’t have to recreate them if you’re out in the field.

I look forward to checking out the app when it goes on sale (hopefully quite soon).

15 thoughts on “A tour of Photosmith for iPad

  1. As one of the beta testers for this app, I can say that it’s as good as their blog post shows. Plus, they’ve been very open to fixing issues we’ve found and adding Feature Requests along the way.

  2. Been looking forward to this for a while now John. Really pleased to be in the Press release to give it a run through and review before ‘going live’.
    This is definitely going to add a whole new dimension to how the iPad, Lightroom and Photography work together.
    Good times!

  3. The Lightroom coordination features look good. BUT… having to ingest your files through the Photos app seems a bit quaint, and having to do so via USB is positively last-century.
    What somebody should do is get the developers together with the guy who writes ShutterSnitch (awesome app for viewing and rating photos via wireless transfer, including Eye-Fi’s new Direct Mode), lock them in a room with a huge sack of money, and not let them out to spend it until they’ve blended their apps together.

  4. Hi,
    I appreciate the comment (on Shuttersnitch). Brian, the developer of Shuttersnitch has done an incredible job.
    Our own app, does the minimum to get your photos to the iPad. You can still use Eye-Fi Direct in the card, NOT use our app, and use Shuttersnitch to get your photos to the iPad. Then, use either Shuttersnitch or Photosmith, in the iPad.
    The advantage of using our own app is to then relay the photos from the iPad, to your PC/Mac and a sharing site.
    We have API’s that will allow developers to emulate this functionality, in their own app. We’re just behind in releasing these API’s 🙂
    Thanks —
    Eye-Fi co-founder

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